Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Books & Magazines

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There are now a reasonable number of sources of reading material about Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This mazazine, "The Ins & Outs of St. Vincent & The Grenadines" is an annual tourist magazine containing some articles along with information about hotels and restaurants. It is the quality of airline magazines, glossy pictures and literate prose (8x11inm 160pp, 2006 edition current) but, like all such sponsored publications, it never says anything negative. You might want to look at my site on the internet, http://svg.karleklund.net , for
some of the few warts. You should be able to get a copy, while they last, at any hotel or tourist service on St. Vincent; or by mail from the tourist office (http://svgtourism.com).

There are some other books that I have found of interest and I'll describe them in later blogs. But one in particular is of unique interest. Late in life Alexandre Moreau de Jonnes wrote a memoire which included his adventure as an 18 year old french spy in the Caribbean. I searched for some time and finally was able to buy a translation from 1971, only to find that they had edited out everythin that referred to the Caribbean. This may have satisfied the needs of students of post-revolutionary french history; but it made me very irritated.

Some years later (i.e., last year) I was able to find an expensive copy of the 1920 translation, and did the tedious job of scanning and editing the text. You can find is at http://1795.karleklund.net.

There is a Ph.D. thesis about the Second Carib war and I will try to get permission to put that on the web so it can be appreciated. The following blogs will relate to bound books and related items.