Friday, January 25, 2008

Andy Palacio RIP

A Garífuna BEACON

By: Celso Castro (Revised Jan 28 2008)

Brother Andy! You are our beacon to the world
You have brightened our trail of music and culture
You have showed us the way to the objective
Strong and unwavering as you stand tall and bright

You brighten the way for others to work and endure
You have bridged a cultural divide with music and message
From the center of the Americas to the North, South, East and West
Forever strong as we shall all continue your plight

You are a beacon in our long journey
You have kept us together as we sing, dance, reflect and focus
You have set the path for us and we shall follow
The light may be a bit dimmer but your posture was wright

The BEACON stands tall and strong. So long, Brother Andy!