Friday, October 17, 2008

Hurricane Omar

Meanwhile, Omar's effects were being felt in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Abeni wrote - almost incredulously - about the storm's impact:
It didn't rain last night-well not in a manner that was noticeable. Yet, this morning we awoke to the news that the sea had wreaked havoc in coastal areas and town. Would you believe we got surges from Omar? On my way into Kingstown, I looked towards the harbour and the Grenadines and saw some angry looking waves and realised that peacefulness had not yet returned.
She continued:
It underlies how really vulnerable we are to natural disasters. In the twinkling of an eye everything can literally fall down around us and we are powerless to stop it. Mother Nature, when not showing her softer side can be one deadly woman that we would be well advised to steer far from. I guess the events of last night are a reminder that we really should shed our lackadaiscal attitudes to disaster preparedeness.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines
The western coast of St.Vincent and the Grenadines was severely impacted by storm surge from Hurricane Omar. Preliminary assessment has indicated wide spread flooding, significant erosion and destruction and damage to coastal property and businesses in the Kingstown areas, Central Leeward, East St. George and the Northern and Southern Grenadines. Damage assessment is continuing.
The Cruise Ship terminal building received significant damage and the businesses housed in the terminal were evacuated. Approximately 20 shops housed in the Bus Terminal in the area of Little Tokyo were destroyed from Storm Surge and several others were damaged from the flood waters.
Several vehicles were damaged as a result of a collapsed retaining wall
In Central Leeward, there was wide spread flooding of several houses and one school was under water. There was also significant damage to the jetties in the Grenadines with several being completely destroyed.
Approximately ten fishing boats were destroyed and several reportedly received significant damage.

I didn't notice anything particularly striking: it had been raining off and on since we got here (i.e., most of October) but not enough to be more than an inconvenience. But we do get a storm surge on the leeward side when there's a hurricane in the Caribbean.