Monday, December 29, 2008


Re: Appeal for funds to supply microscopes to the St. Vincent Grammar School
Dear Friend of the Grammar School:
The Grammar School is in urgent need of a new set of microscopes for its biology lab so Dr. Julian Duncan (Vincentian-born, Emeritus Professor of Botany, UWI, St. Augustine) has sent out an appeal to alumni and friends to support the purchase of as many scopes as our contributions would allow. The expressions of interest to date have been most heartening. Many persons have asked how and where/to whom they should send their donations. Dr. Duncan has opened a Roytrin account jointly with Dr. Don (Clement) Iton (a Vincentian resident here in Trinidad) to which donations may be sent.

Should you be desirous of making a contribution, such may be sent to Dr. Duncan at the following address, made out in favor of the account below or you may send it directly to the bank.

Dr. Julian Duncan
8 Whinfield Place
St. Augustine
Trinidad and Tobago

e-mail :

J. Duncan & C. Iton - Account No: RBL 881012047
RBTT – St. Augustine Branch
Trinidad and Tobago

Thanking you for your kind consideration.
Yours sincerely,