Tuesday, June 09, 2009

More Health Details

We got back to Massachusetts in the evening of 28 May, and we did grocery shoppng the next day. By Monday I was feeling poorly and got worse so I went to a nearby hospital on Wednesday 3 June.

I went in because I had pneumonia and they gave me steroids and a powerful antibiotic.

Then I started having a heavy Diarrhea which turned out to be blood. They moved me to the cardiac ward and put a heart monitor on me to look for stress effects from the blood loss.

Then they put a scope down my throat but didn't find the bleeding. The next day they put a scope in my colon and found polyps they cut off and cauterized so they stopped bleeding. Today 9 June they let me out.

It seems like I'm more-or-less all right. We go to our regular doctor tomorrow to have him look us over. But it is cold inside the house and cold and rainy outside and I already want to go back to St Vincent