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Young Island Promo

A nice promo on Young Island

A Caribbean Honeymoon On A Small Island Off St. Vincent by Gordon Steven

Why you should consider Young Island Resort off the coast of Saint Vincent as the destination for your Caribbean Honeymoon
A Caribbean Honeymoon spent on Young Island off the south coast of Saint Vincent could be just the little piece of heaven you are looking for.
Young Island resort comes heavily recommended by everyone who has stayed there because this is a resort where you will get top class service, fantastic food, a very good wine selection, and last but not least peace, quiet, and tranquility. Be warned this won’t be a Caribbean Honeymoon full of the nightly Jump Up, or even television in your room. Young Island resort is definitely not like that, but caters instead for honeymooners, and discerning guests.
For your Caribbean Honeymoon it is recommended that you have a cottage right on the beach, so that you can just walk out, go along a path and you hit the very nice fresh water swimming pool, which unusually for the Caribbean is open 24 hours a day every day.
The back door takes you across the patio and onto the beach, which is cleaned every morning, and so it is absolutely spotless. You can snorkel off the beach, having borrowed the gear from the man who looks after guests down there, probably best described as the beach attendant.
If you can book Cottage Number six which is a luxury cottage on the beach with a plunge pool, and behind the cottage hammocks and a gazebo.
One of the best things in an hotel on any holiday are waitress served meals, in other words non buffet. This always denotes a quality resort which Young Island certainly is, and this type of service should give the reader a big tip if they are thinking of making a booking on Young Island for their Caribbean Honeymoon. The food generally speaking is amazing, and you can expect a lot of beautiful seafood including freshly caught crab, lobster, scallops, as well as lamb, steak, poultry. Meals are taken in little thatched gazebos, and the view from the tables is incredible. The meals were described by someone recently as absolutely scrumptious, including and especially the home made yoghurts at breakfast
You may wish to be completely idle if this is where you are spending your Caribbean Honeymoon, but one bit of exercise you should take is to walk up to the top of the island. It may not be very energetic but the view is worth it, as is the walk along the beach at sunset and watch dusk at what is aptly called Sunset Point.
The staff at Young Island have ready smiles, and are friendly and very helpful.
The real beauty about Young Island resort is that it is small with not so many guests so you do tend to engage more people in conversation. This means you do meet some very interesting people, who are much like you because they too have chosen this superb Island resort.
Young Island is beautiful and the perfect spot for a Caribbean Honeymoon. There are masses of brightly coloured flowers which only adds to the romantic atmosphere.
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