Friday, September 11, 2009

Internet Remark

Are the Caribbean islands considered third world (non developing) countries??
Pardon my faux pas, I meant underdeveloped country, not non-developing.
Sadly, the answer is yes.
From the 1600’s through the 1800’s, and on into the early 1900’s European nations (and the US) pulled millions of dollars worth of resources from the Caribbean. Sugar from sugarcane, Rubber, Chocolate, Vanilla. The UK in one year from one country Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, pulled in about 30 million pounds worth of sugar which they then sold all over the world. And they had lots of Islands. This money funded their industrial revolution. That money if converted into todays terms, would be something like 45 Billion pounds.
When it became politically incorrect to own these countries, they pulled out their infrastructure, and most of the money, and left the people to get on with it. They didn’t return any of the Billions of dollars they had stolen from the indigenous people, neither did they give reparations to the thousands of people who were ripped from their homelands to work as slaves in those islands.
And people wonder why those in the Caribbean get so upset.