Monday, November 16, 2009

New Book Published in SVG

And Who Do You Say You Are: Journey To An Authentic Life

Denise L. Peroune, Ph.D.

One of the hallmarks of successful organizations is the harmony between who they say they are and how they behave in the marketplace. Awareness of their core values and using this knowledge to influence decision making, plays a significant role in engendering this harmony. And Who Do You Say You Are: Journey to an Authentic Life shows how one institution began the journey to rediscovering itself as it recalled what it was all about—its reason for being.

As with institutions, so with individuals. And Who Do You Say You Are: Journey to an Authentic Life uses the principles that guided the institution in its own journey, to create a path for individuals to do the same—to identify their personal values.

Many voices clamor for our attention, each presenting a model enticing us to create our very own destinies. Individuals with whom we interact routinely from peers, colleagues, mentors, to parents, siblings, friends, children and spouses, all vie for our attention as well as our commitment to their message. Knowing our core values provides us with invaluable internal tools—a compass for direction and a barometer to accurately read our environment. As we use these tools we can be more intentional about the choices we make and achieve greater success in creating meaningful, authentic lives.

With more than twelve years experience in higher education marketing, Denise L. Peroune observes that as organizations define their core values and position themselves authentically, an environment is created where creativity and innovation reside and performance is enhanced. While her practice is at the level of the organization, her desire is to equip individuals to arrive at a similar place of authenticity, where they too can live meaningful and empowered lives. She holds the Ph.D. in leadership and education with a specialization in human resource development from Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida; a graduate diploma in international relations from the Institute of International Relations, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago; and an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago. Dr. Peroune resides in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.