Monday, December 21, 2009

Finally, Hot Water

After getting along with electric shower heads for almost twenty years we finally broke down and installed a solar hot water heater on the roof. We now have hot water all the time (even after a couple of rainy days) in both the bathrooms and the kitchen sink.

Since I do the dishes in the evening I really appreciate that hot water in the kitchen. Also the fact that you can adjust the temperature of the shower is its own quiet pleasure.

The water heater was installed by S. G. DeFreitas & Co. Ltd (contact Jimmy Davis at 784-458-4243) and the incidental plumbing and repairs to the old distribution system was done by James Trevor (cell 533-6735). No complaints about anything. The unit was installed in a day and Trevor hooked up the things that the plumbers for the original owners had done badly in a bit over a day.

There's a running joke about craftsmanship in the Caribbean; but these guys know their business and work well and efficiently.

If we'd have known what a pleasure it is to have hot water on demand (and the tropical sun does that really well) and how well it would have been done we'd have put it in years ago.