Tuesday, January 26, 2010

De Comrade: 'Better by far'...and some

[Rather than post the budget message, I thought I'd post this commentary on the web at: http://www.caribbeannetnews.com/news-21102--7-7--.html]

Dear Sir:

One cannot help feeling sorry for Opposition Leader, Ho. Arnhim Eustace. Not because he has been an abysmal failure as a politician and Opposition Leader, but because it is just unfair to expect him to keep pace with the outstanding visionary Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

As my late father would have said, "Jackass should never enter horse race".

The Prime Minister's 2010 Budget Presentation (delivered Monday), is easily the best I have heard since following politics some 40 years or so... It was loaded with "recession-coping" information; and delivered with superb oratory.

Dr Eric Williams, Sir Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy and Fidel Castro - all great leaders and orators - would have been easily dwarfed by De Comrade yesterday.

Mr Eustace will be hard pressed to question/dismiss the good news contained in the Prime Minister's Budget Presentation. How can any rational individual try to wish away the gains made by the government and nation, as outlined by Dr. Gonsalves yesterday.

De Comrade was extremely harsh on Mr Eustace yesterday. The PM literally removed the winds form Mr Eustace's political sail. Mr Eustace's only issues for the past two years - The Vat and $1 Grenadines service fee - were put to rest yesterday. And Mr Eustace was delt massive body blows as government projects were enumerated.

So much for "half pound ah chicken back an neck and half cake ah soap"

Prime Minister Gonsalves' minor Cabinet shuffle last week and yesterday's good news budget have put the Comrade and ULP back on the road to maintaining their majority in the next general elections. For SVG's sake, the ULP must not defeat itself.

There is much more to be done by Comrade and the ULP government, but they are on the right track.

Now it's back to the picket lines and daily radio "bark" shows for Mr Eustace and the NDP.

Cde T Wade Kojo Williams, Sr