Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We took our guests from Taiwan over to Bequia on the ferry. We were a bit early at the dock so we took a stroll over to the cruise ship facility. I bought a copy of Dr. Adams' newest book (see the next blog entry) and we had some refreshment at the Time Out Cafe (457-1350). It looked like a nice place for lunch.

We strolled around Port Elizabeth for a while (its bookstore beats anything in Kingstown. They even had a copy od Stan Hugill's shanty book.)

We had lunch at Tommy Cantina (457-3770) because our guests missed the flavor of mexican food. (Taiwan has a lot of non-chinese restaurants.) They were pleased and so was I with my trial of their fishburger. So many places have a standard plate of meat, a starch and boiled veg. that a change in cuisine is nice, especially if it is tasty.

We only had a bit of a walkabout, so I presume that there are lots of places on Bequia that we could have gone but didn't. I'd appreciate it if you know of someplace you'd like to share, that you email me about it at

Sometime in the near future you'll see pictures of Bequia on my flickr page (karlek) and Chris' (ctsnow).