Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Double Happiness

We went into Kingstown today to do a couple of errands: one being to pay the phone bill to LIME; and the other to buy tickets for the return flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico. We can’t buy the return ticket when we come down in October because LIAT’s accounting year is the calendar year and they don’t sell tickets for 2010 in the fall of 2009. So we bought one-way tickets to San Juan.

Since we were pretty close to lunchtime we decided to eat in town. In Massachusetts we often eat at Chinese Buffet restaurants, there being several in the towns near to where we live, but we hadn’t had Chinese for a while in Kingstown. We found the Double Happiness restaurant on back street, just west of the People’s Pharmacy. There we had chicken with sweet and sour sauce, rice (or Lo Mein noodles) and steamed vegetables. I had a beer and Sally had an orange soda, and the whole thing cost us less that $30 EC. (That’s less than 6$US each.) It was very tasty. Their usual takeout is a pelau: chicken wings and a large helping of fried rice for $8 EC (3$US)

We are certainly going to eat there again.