Thursday, March 04, 2010

Scuba Diving

What's St. Vincent is famous among scuba divers for?

"St Vincent has been voted # 1 small animal destination in the world and the only one to get 100 score" - the Magazine Divers Trust Scuba Diving.

Sport Diver Magazine named St. Vincent the 'Critter Capital of the Caribbean'.

Most of St. Vincent's best dive sites are located off the western coast, Leeward, within a 10 to 15 minute trip by boat. The dive sites are abundant with diverse sea creatures to watch. Scuba diving here is generally pleasant and easy with with practically no underwater currents, except for a couple of dive sites. With underwater visibility normally staying being 50-80 feet, and local waters being habitat of variety of Sponges, Seahorses, frogfish, Spotted drum, Red Banded Lobsters, Porcelain crabs, Golden Coral Shrimp, Spoon Nosed Eels, Viper Morays, Brotula, St. Vincent scuba diving has become especially attractive for underwater photographers and film makers. Currently there are 12 dive operators (Bequia Dive Adventures, Dive Bequia, Dive Fantasea, Dive St. Vincent, Grenadines Dive, Indigo Dive, Mustique Water Sports - have recommendations) and there is a total of 67 dive known sites at St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

About the island of St. Vincent:

St. Vincent is a mountainous 133 square-mile island of a volcanic origin in the Lesser Antilles chain located in the Caribbean Sea. It is the main island of the total 32 islands comprising the Grenadines. To the north of St. Vincent lies St. Lucia, to the east Barbados, and to the south Grenada. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has an estimated population of 120,000 people and a French and British colonial history. Since the time of getting their independence back in 1979, St. Vincent and the Grenadines have become part of the British Commonwealth.