Monday, April 19, 2010

GHS Centennial Activities 2011

From: Cheryl King <>
Subject: (5) Schedule-GHS Centennial Activities 2011 and countdown starting in 2010
Date: April 18, 2010 9:17:55 PM GMT-04:00

(1) Please note the schedule of activities below for the GHS centenary celebrations of 2011.
(2) Pass on the information to any GHS sisters with whom you are in touch,
organizations to which you/they belong, put on other websites and also other outlets willing to help with the publicity to which you/they have access.Thanks.
(3) For an account of the yearlon celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the
Girls’ High School, which will begin on Friday, May 7, 2010, see below and website:
(4) Suggest a catchy theme- send to by May 2, 2010.
For more information please contact Joye Browne.
Cheryl Phills King.
Proposed Centenary Week and Post Centenary Activities​
From:Joye Browne (
Sent:Thu 4/08/10 1:22 PM
Hi Cheryl,

The local Association has put together a draft Week of Activities for the 100th
anniversary of our Alma Mater as well as a suite of activities for the carnival season
when many Vincentians return home. We stress that these proposals are not cast in
stone. We would welcome your feed back. Also we are planning a year in advance.
the dates are therefore subject to change that may result from unforeseen events.

We have already selected a logo based on competition from among the current
student body. We wonder if you can help us with a catchy theme for the
celebrations. Not too long, so it can be captured on a banner and be on everyone's

Here's the draft programme:
Draft Centenary Week & Post Centenary Events​
From:Joye Browne (
Sent:Thu 4/08/10 2:24 PM
Sunday May 1, 2011 Ceremony to light up school compound
Monday May 2, 2011 National Holiday (Labour Day)
Tuesday May 3, 2011 Centenary March & Sports (In house colours)
Wednesday May 4, 2011 Launch of Commemorative Magazine (AM)
GHS Talent Explosion (PM)
Thursday May 5, 2011 Exhibition (Craft, art work, publications,
Penultimate Event of Lecture Series (PM)
Friday May 6, 2011 Exhibition
Saturday May 7, 2011 Gala Awards Dinner & Dance;
Countdown to midnight
Fireworks Display at Midnight
Sunday May 8, 2011 Service (ArnosVale, Mike Findlay Stand)

Post Centenary Events

June 22/23, 2011 School's Graduation Ceremony
June 28, 2011 Cruise up the Leeward Coast
July 3, 2011 Carnival Sunday Brunch (Villa Beach)
July 7, 2011 Symposium, concluding Lecture Series Event.
Theme: Quo Vadis, GHS?
July (?), 2011 Oldie Goldie Costume Fete

As you can appreciate, finance will be a determining factor but we will put our financial wizards to work to see how far we can realize these events.

Please let us have your feed back. We do appreciate you. Solidarity greetings as we approach the culmination of our 99th year of existence.
Joye Browne
From:Joye Browne (
Sent:Tue 3/16/10 2:40 PM
Hi Cheryl,

We have planned a week of activities starting Sun May 1 and culminating on Sun May 8, 2011, the anniversary date. In light of the fact that this may be an awkward date as some have said we will extend the celebrations to the June/July carnival season when persons are most likely to be back home.
We have not finalized a programme of events but we are planning to have a boat ride up the Leeward coast, a fun sports day at Black Point or Owia, a concert and cocktail. It would be very important for us to know if persons are planning to be back home then and what events they would like to have. Also we would like to know what the Summit committees are working on so we could have an idea of what is achieved as legacy of our anniversary.

Meanwhile we are working on the Launch for this May 2010. On the 7th we will have a Torch Relay to end at the school with the lighting of of torch to last the whole year. On May 8th we have the first of the Lecture Series with a reception after and on the next day there will be Church Services and a Tea with a Mother/ Daughter pageant to mark Mothers' Day. We have had to postpone the Flower Spectacular because we are undergoing a terrible
drought. We are still fine-tuning details; we will publish these shortly.

Best wishes,
Joye B.