Thursday, August 26, 2010

One Day on Earth

My name is Darren Murtha and I am part of a team of filmmakers producing a Global Media Event.
One Day on Earth will include the participation of documentary filmmakers, journalists, students and inspired individuals recording a human experience in EVERY country in the world during the 24 hour period of October 10th, 2010. We currently have participants in over 150+ countries. Our goal is to gain a greater understanding of the common threads that connect us and also the differences that make us all unique. There are also big issues being addressed and shared, which will hopefully raise awareness to things that don't make headlines. By participating in this historic event, you will help capture the diversity of life and culture on this planet.
This project has the support of government organizations, non-profit foundations and citizens in every corner of the globe; all looking to share their unique perspective. The first step in getting involved would be to "sign up" at
As our shoot date approaches, we will be providing instructions on how to submit your videos. We will be downloading all submissions and forming an extensive library of international footage. We will be using only that library of footage to edit the film.  (participant trailer)  (original trailer)
Filmmaker Reward - All participants that upload at least 10 minutes verified legal original footage will receive access to an on-line copy of the film.
Ambassador Reward - The first 25 participants to sign up from a given country receive guaranteed tickets to a regional premier.
Auteur Reward - If your footage is used in the film you will receive two tickets to a regional premier, access to an on-line copy of the film, DVD, or Blu-Ray ,and “Cinematographer” credit.
We also have rewards for recruitment-
Friend Level - Signup 25 people and receive access to the online streaming film.
Advocate Level - Signup 125 people and receive access to the online streaming film and a DVD or Blu-Ray Disc.
Leadership Level - Signup 625 and recieve access to the online streaming film, Blu-Ray disc, T-shirt and “special thanks” in the film credits.
Feel free to email me if you have any questions or feedback. Together we will create a document that is a gift to the world.
Darren Murtha