Monday, October 25, 2010

Mandarin Restaurant

There is a new restaurant open in Villa. Between Indian Bay and Villa Beach, just short of the high point in that stretch of road, is a building originally built as a hotel but now open as a new restaurant with Chinese cuisine, the Mandarin Restaurant.

Sally and I ate lunch there today and I thought we ate well. The style of the cooking is international chinese: there are maybe a dozen dishes in the core menu, including Lo Mein and General Gao’s Chicken, which we had.

The meals are what you’d expect in a similarly priced chinese restaurant in the US or UK, with the exception that Sally would have wanted more vegetables. However, since Vincentians don’t eat vegetables in general, we were not overly surprised. The service was good (and will be better once the staff gets used to the cash register) and the ambiance, while not exotically oriental, was clean and comfortable.

The price for meals for two with drinks was 40 ecd, which is quite reasonable. There were enough noodles left over from Sally’s Lo Mein to make us an evening meal.

We will certainly go back.