Monday, November 15, 2010

Correction: Garifuna Events

Teofilo Colon Jr to

Karl Eklund,

Recently, you re-posted some items on Garifuna Events taking place in The United States Of America.  Sadly, I was mistaken regarding one of the Garifuna events.

I just found out that the Garifuna Mass in Chicago for Garifuna Settilement Day that I wrote about is NOT taking place on that date. 

I simply read (and subsequently reposted on BEING GARIFUNA) what I saw on the website of The Garifuna United Foundation. 

What I did NOT know at the time, though, was that the website is a work in progress and that the information posted on that website is SOLELY for the designers of the website at this time--who I am told are board members of The Garifuna United Foundation.   In essence, what's on that website is a sample and a test to familiarize board members with websites/website design and such. 

So Mr Eklund, can you take the Chicago information OFF the Garifuna Events section of your St. Vincent Blog posting?

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