Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A New Book Written In Garifuna

Mon, November 8, 2010

A new book written in Garifuna will be launched on Wednesday in Orange Walk Town. The book is entitled “Bandi Isieni” or “So much Love” and was written by Belizean writer Nelita Sambula Doherty. Doherty told us more about her new publication.

Nelita Sambula Doherty - Author

“The book is about a mother and child relationship and the inspiration comes from own children. I was also looking for ways to have them learn Garifuna because they are of Garifuna heritage. That’s where my idea for the book came.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“How long did it take you to actually write this?”

Nelita Sambula Doherty

“It took about a year, I guess, to write the book and I had to get someone to translate it and get Mr. Roy Cayetano to edit it for me. I also had help from Exene Flores. For me it was an inspiration doing it and because I wanted publish it I wanted to make sure that the Garifuna was correct.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“The contents you said is about a mother and child relationship. Could you elaborate a little bit more about what kind of relationship you are talking about here.”

Nelita Sambula Doherty

“The relationship is about love and a child’s interpretation about love. How much his mother loves him and we are going to launch the book on Wednesday at one thirty in Orange Walk Town and we are going to divert from the norm. We are not going to do a reading of the book, we are going to present it in a skit to the public.”

Dalila Ical – Reporter

“You also have a CD that comes along with the book.”

Nelita Sambula Doherty

“Yes. We have an audio because reading Garifuna is difficult. Knowing the pronunciation is also difficult so I came up with the idea to do the CD to accompany the book. When you buy the book you buy it with the CD and you will be able to understand everything in the book and get the proper pronunciation of the Garifuna words.”

This is Doherty’s fourth publication. The Institute of Creative Arts is assisting Doherty in the launch of her book which will take place on Wednesday in Orange Walk Town. The book will be available at the Angelus Press and some stores in Orange Walk and Corozal.