Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Slow Posting

The reason I haven't been posting as much is because I have been polishing a book about the future prompted by Keith Olbermann, Wikileaks and that kind of stuff, the Egyptian Revolution, and the Wisconsin Revolution, and the general realization that the middle-, working- and lower-classes have been given more of a hard time than usual. So far The Egyptian Revolution has won and the Wisconsin Revolution went to the fascists. That's because Americans think they live in a democracy. Kieth Olbermann lost, then won, then lost again, then won again, and the final score isn't in yet. The combattants in the Wikileaks confrontation, the US Government on one side and the Anonymous Hackers on the other (they were in Stig Andersson's Millenium Trilogy), have both gone back to lurking in secret. Sometime in the future we'll see a bureaucratic quasi-legal move by the secret parts of the US government and a hacking kind of response from the Anonymous Hackers. Little burps will appear on the surface of the internet. Neither party is really on "our" side, but the American Government is working to keep us down and the Anonymous Hackers don't care about us one way or another but want to be left alone to do their thing. The Hackers won't hurt us as much. In any case they will shape the future eventually and they might as well start now.

This went through several revisions and it is presently sitting at http://rEvolution.karleklund.net
It needs some additional thinking and I may wait till after the 2012 elections. - Jan 7, 2012

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