Wednesday, April 13, 2011

CNN Reports on SVG Floods

ttechsaviiy can't get to work because the bridge that connects his town to the rest of the country is destroyed. 'This is supposed to be the dry months. It has not stopped raining. It is a very fine drizzle but there is constant rain changing from heavy to light every few hours.'
- nancyt3, CNN iReport producer

iReport —
this is the worst disaster we have ever seen on this island , talking to the elderly ones they relate that they have never seen such catastrophe in this area. Persons had to be rescued from their houses, where the water was neck height. it was awful and it is not over because the forecast is rainy for the next few days . one woman's effort to escape the ferocious river was washed away and was taught to be dead by her family for up to two hours she was missing,She was eventually rescued.there is also no water and authorities have said it will remain so until maybe next week. truly devastating these flash floods.
update: one man was reportedly saved by climbing a tree and stayed there for four hours until they waters level dropped.

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