Friday, May 20, 2011

Eureka! A New Medical Lab!

I went over to Eureka Medical Lab, a new facility over in Arnos Vale, to have a couple of blood tests dome (I'm diabetic and have atrial fibrilation) and I was astounded. Not only did the phlebotomist do the best job I've had in twenty years of blood testing, but the small lab is crowded with automatic analytical machinery. I highly recommend them if you have lab work to do. Their phone is (784)456-4758 and their email is Their headquarters, and a number of labs, are in Guyana

This is their message about the new St. Vincent lab. More when I pick up the results.

by: Andy Boyle Sun Mar 13, 2011
We are pleased to announce that professionals from Guyana and St. Vincent, through a massive collaborative venture would soon be opening a spanking new entity in St. Vincent. This entity is expected to provide employment opportunities for five local, qualified personnel; they, together with trained expatriates are expected to provide quality and efficient medical laboratory services.

Eureka, having been established for more than sixteen years, has very strong affiliations and connections with laboratory service providers in the UK and USA. It is therefore expected that tests and procedures that are not possible locally will be facilitated overseas. Vincentians will soon therefore, be able to access state of the science laboratory services at reasonable costs without even having to leave St Vincent! This will become a reality when “Eureka” opens its doors to the public in April 2011. “Eureka” uses the Schuynet (Lab Information System) which affords the various doctors affiliated with it, easy access to their patients’ results - with just a click of a button, in the comfort of their offices and in real time. This service, which is relatively new to the Caribbean, allows for greater efficiency and most certainly will enhance the quality of health care available to Vincentians as a whole.

There will be a wide range of tests offered: routine clinical chemistry tests, haematology, endocrinology, parasitology, (microbiology, soon to come on board) and serology. In addition to these basic tests, exotic tests such as; Allergy, DNA Paternity, heavy metals etc. will easily be facilitated by counterparts from the USA. The results for these tests done overseas would be forthcoming in merely a few days and clients/ patients can be assured that these will be quite reasonably priced, comparable to all the local assays being offered.

At “Eureka”, we look forward to helping you live longer, healthier lives…