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Buccament Bay Beach Resort, Harlequin The Truth

There are more recent comments.

Some comments on Trip AdvisorSep 14, 2011, 12:15 PMThere has been a huge amount of interest in Buccament Bay and in Harlequin on this site. A larger ammount of positive reviews for the hotel, allegations that the positive reviews are coming from purchasers, attacks on negative comments on forums questioning the operations of Harlequin. A huge amount of negativity on the Harlequin business model. A larger number of instances where posts were removed for not being compliant with Trip Advisor Guide Lines

The RestarauntsWhat is it that Harlequin have opened at the resort.This from Harlequin themselves.

Of the restaraunts that they state are open. Only one the Bay Beach Club is as was originally designed and planned for The Safron Fine Indian Cuisine Restaraunt has been opened in one of the 4 bed room converted villas. Whilst this might be adequate for 10-20 guests it certainly will not suffice when the resort is fully completed.The Bamboo restaraunt has now found a new home on the far side of the land owned by Harlequin and over the bridge from the resort proper. This restaraunt is located in a leased building which Harlequin have leased for 3 years. The Bamboo restaraunt is another temporary facility being operated by Harlequin. HQ the coffee shop and ICE Cream parlour, is just that a small coffe shop and ICE Cream shop.Below was an update from Harlequins agents on the 6th of June 2011


(1).New Bay Beach in the village area will open on the 8th June. From Mid-July, 3 evenings per week, Trader Vics menu will be served and 4 evenings per week, Jack’s menu will be served.(2).The existing Bamboo restaurant will become “Saffron Indian” serving an A La Carte menu. Clarification of quote 2 above; ((( The existing Bamboo Restaraunt is now the staff canteen )))(3). The existing Bay View is being improved with decking and a solid roof. This will re-open Mid July as “Bamboo” and will serveCaribbean / Italian food on an A La Carte basis. 1 night per week, there will be a themed evening on the beach with BBQ and Steel Band.(4). Ginger & Co – Will be opening mid-July. Clarification of quote 4 above; ((( Ginger & Co now not due to open until 2012 as per Buccament Bay website )))(5) HQ Coffee shop has now turned into a deli as well as serving ice cream & pastries.

Buccament Bay – the beachfront/waterfront area now looks stunning with two new pools, a children’s pool, decks with sun loungers, more new palm trees and boutiques now open. The remaining restaurants are coming on-line over the next few months.

Buccament Bay Resort, St Vincent & The Grenadines The official opening of Buccament Bay Resort to the travel industry took place on 3rd April 2011.The waterfront area is looking stunning with two large swimming pools and a children’s pool, decks with sun loungers, umbrellas and palm trees and some of the restaurants and boutiques now open.The remaining restaurants will open over the next few months as bookings increase and demand grows. Buccament Bay Resort is featured with all the leading UK tour operators and has been widely advertised in the UK press as well as featured in several articles. Holiday bookings have increased substantially since the opening, which gives us confidence for the future success of the resort.We have exhibited in the US and are working with a NewYork PR agency to increase awareness of the resort in the US. To ensure a quicker and smoother transfer to St Vincent we are in the process of setting up our own airline, HarlequinAir.We have registered with the authorities in the Caribbean and aim to be flying by the end of 2011. While work is continuing at Buccament Bay Resort to build further accommodation and facilities, Harlequin Hotels & Resorts is now focusing on its other resorts.We have employed a highly respected construction management company, Kraus Manning, to project manage construction and work with Harlequin Developments to deliver the projects efficiently and within budget.

Other future developments include a Trader Vic’s and Jack’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant, set to open on July 1; a fine dining restaurant, Arlecchino (December); and a replica of the Black Pearl ship used in Pirates of the Caribbean, parts of which were filmed close to the resort, will drop anchor in Buccament’s marina in 2012 to be a restaurant and wedding venue.

The list of miss leading statements and basic down right lies from Mr. Ames goes on and on. The Black Pearl is allready in SVG, it has been there nearly a year now, it is beginning to decay, but for anyone interested locals will be able to show you where it is.

The False Occupancy Level claims

Harlequin state that their resort in Buccament Bay is operating at about 85% in the low season, yet Harlequin laid off a large number of Hotel Staff citing seasonal reasons.

I think this is self explanatory.

A recent guest posted on trip advisor that occupancy levels were close to 20% on their visit. The post was very complimentory of the resort.

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