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Execute Orders

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Letter: Execute libel judgement orders Published on November 10, 2011

The owner of Nice FM Radio in St Vincent and the Grenadines claims he is unable to pay judgements awarded to Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves by the courts.

In a way, one may want to feel for Dougie because, in each case, the radio station was sued jointly with individuals found guilty of libel.

But how could one feel for Dougie? He (Dougie) plays the greatest role in this ten years-plus abuse of airwaves privilege -- a well coordinated political campaign to try to destroy Ralph Gonsalves “by any means necessary”. Gonsalves has contributed more to the development of our nation than any of them ever will.

EG Lynch, Matthew Thomas, Junior Bacchus, Anesia Baptiste, Daniel Cummings and the rest of the “Hate Ralph Posse” do not own shares in Dougie’s radio station. The major advertisers like PH Veira and CK Greaves, who keep Nice Radio alive with their advertising dollars, have no shares in Dougie’s radio station -- at least according to Dougie himself. But they also contribute to the racism and filth spewed on Nice Radio.

So why did Dougie, for so very long, allow them to slander and libel Gonsalves and others on his radio station? One explanation could be that Dougie was the author of the daily loads of slime that come from “Not-So-Nice” radio. After all, his (Dougie’s) “Breakfast With God” is nothing more than “Breakfast With Ralph”. It fits in nicely with the “New Times” programme. Dougie starts his daily morning show with a Bible verse, then immediately thereafter, tears into Gonsalves in the most un-Godly manner.

Where are the (“human rights”) lawyers in the NDP, over these embarrassing years? Where are Kenneth John, Adrian Fraser and the other “upstanding” citizens who, at every turn, appear to be edging on Lynch and the nasty bunch, with their nasty broadcasting? Where are so-called “Men of God” like Fr. Jones and Monty Maule?

And where is King Dotish? On many occasions, when “Dutty Mouth” EG carries on with his nastiness, King Dotish is sitting right next to him, offering not a whisper of rebuke. “Yes, Misser Lynch” are always his words of encouragement, in exchange for the title “Mr Clean”. Callers to “New Times” and other programmes are also given full rein to abuse De Comrade and anyone who dares publicly supports him.

Do these nasty “Ralph Haters” not know that EG Lynch is an embarrassment to all Vincentians at home and in the Diaspora? Why do they confuse his popularity among NDP supporters -- a minority of Vincentians -- with acceptance by Vincentians, for his slime?

Do Lynch and these educated idiots not know that, like them, Ralph Gonsalves is a man with a mother, sisters and brothers, a wife and children, whom they subjected to this daily dose of abuse of lies and half-truths for over ten years?

Lynch and others were found guilty of libel by the courts -- not once, not twice but severally. And many other persons could have successfully sued EG, Junior Bacchus, Matthew Thomas and other nasty mouth radio hosts on Nice Radio.

Why do Dougie and the NDP allow this rubbish to continue?

Gonsalves will be doing his duty to society and God Almighty, by having those libel judgement orders executed once the way is cleared by the courts.

Lynch and the others made their beds. They should be prepared to lay in them. If losing a radio station and properties in the process is what it takes, so be it.

Now sit back and listen for more slime on “Not-So-Nice” Radio.

Wade Kojo Williams, Sr.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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