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Ralph Gonsalves: Still the best man for SVG By Lesli Patterson

I try to avoid politics, but it doesn't make sense to me to defame an elected Prime Minister. You can't do that unless you don't mind insulting the voters. So here, for a change, is something positive about the Comrade--Karl

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Love him or hate him, Ralph Gonsalves is the best man for St. Vincent and the Grenadines at this time. Indeed, should elections be called next month, next year or in the next four years, Dr Gonsalves should be returned as Prime Minister with an overwhelming mandate.

I am one on the Comrade’s biggest critic! But even as I critique some of his policies, his politics and general approach to governance, I do so knowing full well that the alternatives, Eustace and the NDP, are patently worse.

My differences with Gonsalves are deeply philosophical and ideological. While he espouses a social democratic approach to governance that is grounded in the core applicable tenets of the Marxist remedies for addressing societal inequities, I am a classical liberal who forever preach the paramountcy of the market and the purely capitalist path to social and economic development. Deep differences of this nature are difficult to overcome. However, in the context of political discourse on issues related to statecraft, one is still able to find some common ground.

Recognizing that ideology must be tempered by the harsh and unforgiving reality of the times, one must be pragmatic in addressing the extant socio-economic issues. It is his commitment to embracing pragmatism that has led me to be an admirer of the Comrade despite our ideological differences.

I therefore declare Ralph Gonsalves as the best for St. Vincent and the Grenadines for a number of reasons:

Given his intellectual depth and academic acuity, more than any of his contemporaries, Gonsalves has a grasp of the complex and challenging issues impinging on the development of the country.

Gonsalves, is prepared to take the risks that are necessary to ensure that SVG can leap beyond its present state despite the difficulties.

The Comrade has the capacity to envision a desired reality and possesses the force of discipline, committment and dedication to create that reality in the face of insurmountable obstacles.

No one has demonstrated the depth of love and the breadth of understanding of the people known as Vincentians.

Comrade is a political genius. Love him or hate him, he knows how to win national elections.

I envision that Dr Gonsalves and his party will be in office for a very long time. Should he demit office, it would be on his own terms and in his own time. The Comrade will play a very long innings; he will retire not out; and proudly walk back to the pavilion with his bat held high and tons of runs on the board.

There is none like the Comrade!

Lesli Patterson

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