Friday, April 27, 2012

Dr. Vivian Usborne Child Walkway/Villa Beach‏


Letter to the Editor of Searchlight, written and forwarded by Cheryl King

Fri, Apr 27. 2012

Editor: Thanks to Tipi Punnett for the invitation to the honouring of Dr Vivian Usborne Child on April 11, 2012, by the St Vincent National Trust.

It was a lovely occasion and it was a pleasure to see Dr Child so vibrant and effusive. Congratulations to the SVG National Trust, to the Punnett family and the others for putting it all together so successfully. It is wonderful to demonstrate public appreciation in this manner.

Dr Vivian Usborne Child’s contributions to St Vincent and the Grenadines in different spheres were highlighted. She served as a medical doctor, artist, journalist, and author. It must also be mentioned that she also took the time to visit and play with the children at the Calliaqua Day Care Centre, then called the “Creche,” many years ago. Those children are now all grown.

For many years, consistently, in the newspaper, Dr Child advocated the need for a safe way to get across the rocks at Villa Beach, walking in the direction from the beach to the Aquatic Club.

Now that the walkway has been built and it is such an added benefit to those who use it, and to the area, it may be fitting to name the walkway the “Dr Vivian Usborne Child Walkway” in her honour.

Cheryl Phills King