Monday, June 11, 2012

"Of course I'll win, I'm the white guy." - Romney

By Sarah Wood

What could have been a game changing moment in Mitt Romneys campaign turned into a horrendous gaffe Tuesday afternoon when the former governor was having lunch with a few of his supporters. Romney was hoping to show America how well he relates to the average working American by having a press recorded lunch at a local pancake house in rural Kentucky where the primary elections were taking place. 

However, what turned from a nice preplanned lunch with common-folk conversation ended up getting off track when one of Romneys supporters asked him how he was so certain he would win. Romney turned to the man seated on his left and seemingly forgetting the ten plus reporters in the room said, Well between you and me, we have to think about the reality of the situation. Obama is a popular guy and his supporters are hell-bent in getting him reelected. There is one thing th at his campaign seems to keep forgetting over and over, and that is how many Americans cant stand the guy for an obvious reason. Of course Ill win, Im the white guy.

The Romney supporter looked at Romney with a look of agreement yet bewilderment. The chatter within the room got quite loud as reporters grabbed at their phones and took rapid notes. Its not every day that a candidate is so brutally honest with his supporters.

One of Romneys aides quickly tapped the former governor on the shoulder and whispered something into his ear. Romneys face had a stone cold expression that can only be described as terrified. After talking with his aide for a minute or so, Romney turned back to the table and smiled saying, Its a good thing we all know how to take a joke here, huh? Of course the reason that I know Im going to win in because Im the guy that will stand up for true conservative values and economic prosperity. Which of course is what the American people will want come November. 

After Romney finished speaking he stood up from the table and was ushered outside to a waiting car. In hopes that he was able to successfully spin his verbal gaffe, Romney made sure to get a spot on Fox News Hannity as soon as possible to further clear up any liberal spin that may occur.

Only time will tell if he can recover from this clear opinion of his true beliefs in why he thinks he will win this upcoming November.