Thursday, May 23, 2013

Being North

Today’s Thursday. We came back north to Myricks, Massachusetts, on Sunday--arriving home on Monday after midnight. We’ve already seen a couple of Doctors who conformed that we are gradually falling apart, but we’ll probably last for another year. I only have one mixup in my prescription drugs, so the odds are that that will get straightened out before I suffer from the lack.

There’s one interesting thing about St. Vincent and the Grenadines: they don’t have a big hangup about prescription drugs. If I run out, and it’s a drug that they stock down there, I can just buy it like it was aspirin or some other OTC (Over-The-Counter) drugstore item. The problem is that they don’t stock some of the stronger pain-killers. Up north here I can’t do that so if somebody in the Doctor’s office makes a mistake on the renewal, and I don’t notice it because I’m not that careful, it takes a lot of effort to straighten it out.

So that’s an interesting thing. There’s an advantage to having a relatively primitive system in some ways; but it costs you.

There’s another thing I should mention: I’ve come to a stopping place in my book. Considering the last version, that was written over several times, I’ve decided that there is no point trying to figure out the details of what the future might bring. Right now we are in the position where we are mostly equal: except for money. The “minorities” who are distinguished by skin color (black, brown or yellow) or gender (traditional female and “other”) are not being discriminated against by legal devices to any great extent. Where they are, and there are a few holdouts, it will be just a matter of organizing the votes to defeat the racism. So the only real  basis for privilege is money. When we decide to eliminate that basis for class we will do so, because it has no particular reason to exist.

The left-center politicians haven’t come to the point where they are willing to abandon money as a class determination basis, but that’s just a matter of time. By the time we have gotten used to “Obamacare” so that good nutrition and shelter is simply a matter of public health, and we expect to get that as a by-product of residence; enough wealth to keep from an early death will be not a privilege but a right. 

So that’s not an important question any more. All we need to do is amass enough votes to make it happen; and that’s just a matter of time.

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