Friday, February 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home; John, King & King, eds.

This is the third volume of reprints from Flambeau, a magazine of social commentary and literature published on St. Vincent in the 1960s. Like the earlier volumes, it was edited by Kenneth Johns and Baldwin and Cheryl King.

A celebration of the publication was held at the UWI center in Kingstown on February 15th. The speakers were:

Adrian Fraser, the headmaster of the UWI facility on St. Vincent, where the launching was held.

Baldwin King, Professor Emeritus of Drew University, and one of the editors.

Dr. Kenneth John, a practicing attorney and newspaper columnist, and an editor of the publication,

Among the commeners in the audience was:

Edgar Adams, the author of several historical works about St. Vincent and a member of the group that published Flambeau in the 1960s.

This volume is different from the earlier volumes in that the form, poetry and fiction, allowed the authors to express their emotions more strongly than in the academic conventions of the essay. It thus complements the earlier volumes but can stand alone, depending on one's interests. For those particularly interested in St. Vincent, however, I strongly recommend all three volumes.