Friday, March 28, 2008


The note below reminded me that links to Father LeBreton's "The Caribs of St. Vincent" and Van der Plas' "Jesuit Massacre" can be found on the website Tony's Oldies []. I may have mentioned this before, but it is always useful to be reminded of a Vincy historical reference on the web.

e-mail (2003) from Kerwyn Morris re page 115 on the web (Jesuit Massacre)

Hi Tony;
I am truly glad to see the abovementioned document making the site.
Several years ago as we approached Statehood I  worked on publicising
this very document which was then known to only a few Vincies.
With the help of Frank Rojas and Johnny Alves I was able to convince
Mr. Joshua to commission the Govt. Printery to do the job.
One hundred copies were made and were given to Mrs Lorna Small of the Public Library.
What happened after that I do not know but I still have my tattered copy.
It was Alphie Roberts who first drew my attention to the document.


Also, the caribbean chapters of Alexandre Moreau des Jonnes' memoire are located at If you haven't read it I strongly recommend it. It is certainly as exciting as the plot to the Pirates of the Caribbean, and a lot more true to fact.