Sunday, June 08, 2008

Children's Hospital

Walking for lives of children
Published on: 6/7/08.

Vincentian walking legend Earl 'Ole George' Daniel and his partner, Joel Butcher, are in Barbados.
The two, who will walk across Barbados today, are here to help raise EC$1 million for a Caribbean hospital to be built in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Several children stand to benefit from the institution at minimum cost to those unfortunate parents who may not be able to get the necessary treatment elsewhere.

Today's walk, under the theme Walking For Life – Let The Children Live, is the third leg of the million dollar walk organised by the Rotary Club of St Vincent South, in partnership with the Virginia-based International Hospital for Children (IHC).

Get on board

Barbadians are asked to come out, give generously and join the event, which starts in Oistins, moving along the South Coast onto Bridgetown, then onto the Spring Garden Highway, along University Roundabout, through Black Rock, Green Hill, Eagle Hall, Baxter's Road, back to Bridgetown, up to Collymore Rock, Sargeants Village, Vauxhall and ending at Sheraton Centre.

Bernard John, coordinator of the event, speaking at Cable & Wireless, Wildey, said the new hospital would ensure that much needed medical services would be available in the region, and would cater to children under 21 years of age.

Equipment funds

John said the funds raised would go towards the purchase of necessary equipment for the hospital.

The two walkers will also participate in a major walk, which involves them trekking for eight days straight from New York to Toronto between July 19-27, stopping only to change their shoes and for bathroom breaks.

Ole George said although he knew sleep deprivation could be hazardous to their health, they were willing to do the walk, as long as it could save a child's life. (CT)

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