Saturday, May 17, 2008

Food Summit in Nicaragua 2

In ( that included Gonzales quote mentioned previously, Ecuador's President Rafael Correa said, "The problem is not a lack of resources, the problem is not technical limitations, the problem is the terribly unequal distribution of wealth and the perverse systems that perpetuate those stuctures instead of trying to correct them...... It is supposed that the market system guarantees optimum allocation of resources...but what optimum allocation are we talking about if, after 20 years of dogmatically applying neoliberal market theory, we have food shortages in countries with tremendous potential for agricultural production? Something is wrong, very wrong! And we have to
confront it and correct it."

These quotes are from a Food Summit held in Managua. I wouldn't have known about it if "Comrade Ralph" hadn't been quoted, but it certainly explains the state of agriculture in the Caribbean and Latin America. In St. Vincent we export cheap bananas and import expensive vegetables. I never understood how we got into that kind of situation, and now the leaders of the exploited countries are expressing their opinions openly. The only one who seems interested in doing anything about it is Cuba.

I suppose that wanting to keep their own people fed and helping to feed the rest of the Caribbean and Central American peoples is what makes Cuba part of the "Axis of Evil".