Monday, April 07, 2008

More Heritage Sites

The sites already noted, at Glen and Fair Hall, were inland sites where the source of power was a water wheel. Nearer the water, on the windward side, wind was a convenient source of power.

The Sugar Mill Academy, formerly the Sugar Mill Inn, is located in Ratho Mill and is a beautiful example of the type.

The main building at the Sugar Hill Academy is built on an existing lower floor with wall thickness comparable to the mill itself.

Another windmill easily seen from a good road is at Rawacou, on the way to the beach.

Also along that road is an industrial artifact, a riveted boiler.

There was some damage at the Sugar Mill in Ratho Mill during the recent earthquake. Since neither the owner nor the school that currently leases the site have any significant capital funds, they are hoping that if the site is declared an official heritage site there may be some funding to maintain it.