Monday, March 31, 2008

Heritage Sites

The visit by Professor Simon Smith from the UK inspired me to record any heritage sites that I know about. For example, here is a fragment of a millwheel in Glen. A friend who grew up in the area said that there had been a big wall associated with the wheel but that it had been torn down and the remains used for building materials. People I met in the neighborhood told me that the water flow had been at roughly right angles to the wheel position, and there are still deep walled drains running in that direction.

If you continue toward Caliaqua in the direction of the water flow and follow the road that goes by the Community College in Caliaqua you get to the Lower Fair Hall Road which goes by another Heritage site.

This appears to have been the site of the works for the Fairhall Estate and the power transmission wheel from the works is being used as a garden ornament in one of the houses built a few years ago. A friend tells me that before those houses were built there was a large overgrown tank on the site that the children were afraid of and used to run past. The wheel was already imbedded in concrete at that time, The area has walled drains and deep gullies which probably contained the runoff from the wheel as well as stormwater runoff.

I'll photograph any sites that I know of, and put extra pictures on the Flicker page at:
(or go to Flickr and search for Karlek).

If you know of any sites please write me at and I'll try to record them. I'll dig out some old pictures I've taken in the past, and take new ones of sites I didn't look at carefully enough. Heritage sites can include buildings that are still in use, like Churches and Schools and estate Great Houses, if we know something about their history.