Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Barrouallie Whalers

Follow up message
A group of retired Caribbean longshore whalers from St. Vincent and the
Grenadines known as “The Barrouallie Whalers” have received an invitation
to participate in a major international maritime festival in Paimpol,
France (Festival international des Chants de Marins) this August. These
whalers, who are among the last traditional whalers and sea chantey
singers (see attached brochure), rarely have a chance to bring their
interpretive and entertaining program of whaling lore and music to the
international audiences.
The Barrouallie Whalers cannot advantage of this special opportunity
without additional support, however, because the festival can provide only
a portion of their airfare and other travel expenses. The costs of
obtaining French visas, which require inter-island travel and processing
fees, exceed what the festival has allocated for these unique performers.
They face a budget shortfall of about $4,500.
The Barrouallie Whalers Project, Inc., a nonprofit corporation sponsoring
this venture, urgently requests your help in spreading the word and
donating whatever amount you can to help them defray costs, as soon as
possible. Donations are tax deductible. The attached brochure includes a
donation form. Please help if you can; the men will be most grateful for
your support.
Thank you very much for your consideration
Dan Lanier and Vince Reid, Directors
The Barrouallie Whalers Project, Inc.