Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mammoth convention

:The ruling Unity Labour Party of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) dealt a massive political body blow to the opposition NDP Sunday; and at the same time, signaled its resolve to do what it takes to move forward to a third term victory in the upcoming general elections.

At the 16th Annual Party Convention, held Sunday, the upbeat mood was reminiscent of the massive ULP rallies back in the 2001 general elections campaign. Close to 2000 persons - more than 800 of them Convention delegates - packed the the hall.

The Opening Session, heard spiritual messages and prayers from Ministers Rene Baptiste (Culture and Labour) and Girlyn Miguel (Education) which set the tone and tempo for the regional and international orators who followed. They included: Cynthia Forde of the Barbados Labour Party; David Commissiong (Barbados) of the Caribbean Pan-African Movement; former St Lucia Prime Minister and now Opposition Leader/Leader of the St Lucia Labour Party, Dr Kenny Anthony; Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sir Louis Straker; and champion of Caribbean unity, party leader and Prime Minister, Ralph E Gonsalves. The Session was ably chaired by Party Chairman Edwin Snagg.

With chants of "Labour calls for action and we're ready for the fight" coming from the crowd, speaker after speaker praised the Prime Minister and his government for the development brought to SVG in nine short years, which followed close on the heels of 17 years of corruption, mismanagement and economic decline from the James Mitchell/Arnhim Eustace NDP.

The overseas speakers also compliment Dr Gonsalves and Vincentians for their enviable economic record and magnificent foreign policy, which not only benefits SVG, but the entire Caribbean region. Dr Gonsalves was also praised for his outstanding leadership in the Caribbean region and farther afield.

Dr Kennedy Anthony in his address, called on party supporters to defend and support their leader against the lies and deceit of the opposition party and his critics. He offered statistics which showed that SVG's economy was performing best of all countries in the OECS.

In his spirited address, Prime Minister Gonsalves said Eustace was "basody" on the International Airport. He chided Mr. Eustace for opposing the International Airport Construction and for badmouthing the leaders of countries that are assisting in its construction.

Yesterday's Mass Rally-like Convention, sent a clear message to the NDP and CSL that the ULP troops are fired up and ready to hit they hustings to return Comrade and the ULP to continue their magnificent record of providing good government to SVG.

Cde. T Wade Kojo Williams, Sr