Friday, February 19, 2010

Ganja found

A HAIRDRESSER from St Vincent and the Grenadines was fined $2,500 on Wednesday after pleading guilty to possession of marijuana.

Kaytura Creese, 29, was arrested on Carnival Monday along St Francois Valley Road, Belmont after WPC Edwards, of the Belmont Police Station, saw a clear plastic bag protruding from Creese’s right bra cup.

Creese, who was wearing a bathing suit was searched and the drugs weighing five grammes was discovered in the plastic bag.

Creese told Senior Magistrate Lucina Cardenas-Ragoonanan that she was heading to the beach and was going to smoke with some friends. The mother of one added that she arrived on February 1 and would be leaving on March 15.

Creese, who was represented by attorney George Lamming, was ordered to pay the money immediately or face nine months in jail.
Motto: Tuck it in.