Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where Worries Take A Back Seat...

,,, To Swinging Barbeques, Soft Sandy Beaches And Culture Rich Holidays

For those looking to have serious fun when visiting the beautiful Caribbean islands called St. Vincent’s and Grenadines, there is nothing like learning about its best tourist attractions in order to be prepared for the beauty, joy and wonder that awaits them so they can ready up to have it all!

Yes, we are not kidding you! A holiday to the historically rich and culturally vibrant St. Vincent and the Grenadines islands set amid the vast Caribbean Sea is just what the doctor ordered for all those who seek and cannot find true vacation pleasures even at the best luxury resorts on exotic beaches in other parts of the world – because these are nothing like the pure and pristine beauty of a lush, tropical and colorful escape with some of the top sailing opportunities in the world!

Furthermore, St. Vincents and Grenadines unspoiled beauty is perfect for even Hollywood blockbusters like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ so appeals to fans of the movie and the stars of the film alike. Its clear coastline was considered ideal for the authentic colonial backdrop needed for the making of this super hit Hollywood film.

But, that’s not the only success story linked with St. Vincents and Grenadines – Mick Jagger, of the Rolling Stones fame, found the beauty of this famed Caribbean island so fascinating that he couldn’t resist buying himself a bungalow on Grenadines island paradise called Mustique and a lot of high flying business owners seem to be following suit now, purchasing vacation homes here.

So, there must be some truth to the statement that worries take a back seat when at St. Vincent’s and the Grenadines – and for all you know the immense scope for beachfront barbeques and culture rich holidays filled with historical insights into the background of the island and its growth may have something to do with it!!

Situated between the seemingly endless Atlantic Ocean and the beautiful blue of the Caribbean Sea, St. Vincent measures 133 sq. miles and lies just north of Trinidad and Tobago while Grenadines measures approx 20-40 sq. miles only. The capital city of St. Vincent’s is called Kingstown and its botanic gardens are well worth a visit. Apart from the local French Patois, English is also widely spoken here with Anglican, Roman Catholic and some Methodist crowds totaling the local population’s major denominations here.

The Eastern Caribbean dollar, which is the local official currency here has been fixed to the U.S. dollar and makes for easy shopping and conversion for visitors who should remember that local tipping recommendations on St. Vincent’s and the Grenadines is typically 10 to 15%. June to November being the hurricane season is best avoided but other months are favorable for tourists who like to enjoy the sunny climate of 81 degrees averaged annually.

As mentioned earlier, the most popular tourist activity for foreigners visiting St. Vincent is the fantastic opportunity for sailing around the Grenadines, which is made up of many tiny islands together spanning a 40-mile-long strip dotted in places by white sandy beaches girding turquoise blue oceanic waters.

Many tourists charter a yacht, but if you find that taking the local ferry works out more affordable and enjoyable for you, the option is always available for sailing from one island here to another and is a popular one too.

On reaching a particular island like St. Vincent for example, you can alight and hike or enjoy a leisurely walk around lush natural greenery covered areas that house extinct volcanoes, old hilly settlements, and active volcano La Soufrière, besides tour the rainforest, or even picnic at Trinity Falls or Falls of Baleine for a great holiday of your choice – in your budget.