Saturday, January 15, 2011

National Public Library

The National Public Library of St. Vincent, which was sponsored by the ROC government, has formally opened on the 7th of December this year. The opening ceremony was attended by Sir Frederick Ballantyne, Governor of St. Vincent, as well as the President Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and his wife, in addition to more than 200 people from the related governmental posts as well as from other fields. Furthermore, various media bodies also sent its reporters to attend the ceremony to carry out live interviews and reporting.

Girlyn Miguel, the Director of Education of St. Vincent and the Permanent Secretary, has both spoken at the event, explaining the process of planning and construction as well as the history of the library. Moreover, emphasis was placed on the fact that this landmark public building was sponsored by the ROC government and its people. This has made a significant contribution to the development of human resources in St. Vincent.

In the speeches by the Ambassador Wen-Bin Shi, he pointed out that since Taiwan and St. Vincent established diplomatic relationship in 1981, a mutually benefiting relationship was developed between the two nations in terms of fundamental infrastructure, agriculture, cultural exchange, education and the development of human resources. He also emphasized that even though our country was stricken by the worldwide financial crisis as well as natural disasters; we still managed to give out financial aid to St. Vincent, and completed the construction of the National Public Library. It is his wish that people in St. Vincent can fully utilize the facilities of the library, which is sponsored by our government with the taxpayer’s money. He also wished that the Ministry of Education in St. Vincent can strengthen the management of the library, so that it becomes the most important center for learning in St. Vincent.

In the final speeches by President Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, he meticulously mentioned the process of planning this case, land purchasing and relocating original buildings at the site since 2001 when he came to power. He also thanked our country for sponsoring the building of an ever-influential library for the future generations of St. Vincent. After the ceremony, the President Dr. Ralph Gonsalves guided people into the building, where people are amazed by the cutting-edge facilities and have all expressed their thanks to Ambassador Wen-Bin Shi for our country’s aiding to build the library.

Date : 2011/1/13

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