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GHS News - From Cheryl King

GHS Info:
Get your Centenary Magazine for just EC $20.00.
It can be bought in St. Vincent at Jujube Book-store, Corea's City Store, Searchlight and Girls' High School.
It is an excellent Reference tool and Souvenir. It is a MUST !!! You won't want to be without one !!!

GHS Centenary Activities:
Happy 100th anniversary, St. Vincent Girls' High School (GHS). Enjoy!!!
Thanks to all of you for all of your support as we embarked on plans to celebrate the GHS centenary.
In general, when I think of GHS sisters in the Ratho-Mill/Calliaqua area ahead of my generation
some of the names that come to mind that I think of are Gweneth George- Anne George's mother,
and Marie Prince, Cynthia "Mitchie" Clouden Huggins, Sylvia Clouden Defreitas,
Patsy Clouden,Vernice Haynes, Valeria Haynes Fraser, Lorna Jones Mc Barnett, Ela Toney, Sibyl Dougan,
Thelma Dougan, June Isaacs Mascoll, Agnetta "Dotsie" Mitchell and her sister Jenna Mitchell Stephens,
Jannette Williams Creese, Louise Jack, Joan Jack Heselton, Sylvia Pemberton Maloney,
Cynthia Pemberton Nurse, Sheila Pemberton, Val Byron Mayers, Clytie Ross and all of the others.

For GHS anniversary pictures etc. please see:

Thanks to Marcia Kirton for photographing and documenting these historic moments.

Netball: Afternoon of Saturday, April 30, 2011-Arnos Vale Playing Field, Arnos Vale

Tea Party and Launch of the GHS Centenary Magazine, GHS Lighting Up: Sunday, May 1, 2011-GHS, Kingstown

Sports Day#1: Tuesday, May 3, 2011-Victoria Park, Kingstown

Sports Day#2: Tuesday, May 3, 2011-Victoria Park, Kingstown

Sports Day - Award Ceremony: Tuesday, May 3, 2011-Victoria Park, Kingstown

Sports Day - Show Yuh True Colors: Tuesday, May 3, 2011-Victoria Park, Kingstown

Exhibition: Wednesday May 4, 2011 and Thursday, May 5, 2011-Methodist Church Hall, Kingstown

Talent Extravaganza: Wednesday, May 4, 2011-Faith Temple Church, New Montrose.

Quilts: Morning of Wednesday, May 4, 2011, National Public Library, Kingstown.
(these pics were taken after the ceremony)

Final Lecture:Thursday, May 5, 2011-Methodist Church Hall, Kingstown.

Handing Over of Trophy Cabinets: Morning of Thursday, May 5, 2011-GHS, Kingstown.

Gala Dinner: Evening of Friday, May 6, 2011, International Aquatic Club, Villa.

Blue & White Affair: Evening of Saturday, May 7, 2011, Victoria Park, Kingstown.

Ecumenical Service: Afternoon of Sunday, May 8, 2011. Methodist Church, Kingstown.

Centennial Stamps were also released featuring:

1. The Grimble Hall - as a legacy Protected Heritage Building.
2. The GHS 2010 Steel Orchestra - being the Pan Champions in this Special year, and for the first time.
3. The Captain and Members of the West Indies Netball team with Mrs. Peggy (Ince) Hull - as Captain- when the team won
4. Miss Colette Charles - who is the most outstanding Alumna with the highest achievement of passes and scholastic record in this history of GHS (Class of 2007)
5. Mrs. Norma (Ince) Keizer, OBE, and her daughter Mrs. Andrea (Keizer) Bowman - as Mother and Daughter both Alumnae - Headmistresses of GHS
within the 100 years of the school
6. Mrs. Laura Smith Moffett - most memorable Headmistress of GHS
7. Miss Beryl Baptiste, MBE - Alumna - and First Female Director of Audit in the entire British Commonwealth
8. Mrs. Betty Boyea-King - First SVG to be appointed to International Diplomacy
9. Dame Monica Dacon - (Alumna & Teacher/Mistress of GHS) First Female in SVG to be Knighted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
10. Mrs. Susan (Ryan) Dougan OBE - Alumna, Teacher/Mistress, Headmistress, Chief Educational Officer and Constitutional Office of Cabinet Secretary -

Available at GHS and at the Philatelic Bureau


I would like to thank everyone for the congratulations extended to me on my receiving a Centenary Award. Much appreciated. So many have contributed to the success of the centenary celebrations. I would like to thank the GHS and the GHSAA-SVG and its members for this honor. I would like to thank all who have allowed me to communicate with them over these many years. Moving forward we will constructively continue to assist our beloved Alma Mater-Girls' High School and St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Happy 100th anniversary,GHS, on May 8, 2011. Thank you.

I have been asked to remind you of the upcoming Toronto GHS Alumnae Celebrations.
For details please see:
Deadline: The end of this week...Saturday, June 4, 2011.
Be sure to call by the deadline for the accommodation rates listed.
The "Gems of the Antilles" Tea, in Toronto, is on Saturday, June 18, 2011,
Villagers-Carmen Phills,Grace Toney Stephens and Barbara Toney are members of the Gems.
You remember their outstanding Gems Steel Orchestra !!

For tickets: Contact Grace Toney Stephens:416-755-8184 or Betsy
Anthony: 416-291-4978. $25. At L'Amoreaux Collegiate Cafeteria, Warden and
Bridletowne Circle, North of Finch. June 18. 3-7p.m. Creative hats encouraged.
Join the Hat parade. Prizes for best. Tea and entertainment by voices, dancers,
strings, wind and steel. Bake table, raffles, balloon surprises and more.
Will be honouring Mother Jack who was the mentor from the

All in aid of charities in Canada and in
SVG. Happy 20th anniversary !!
You go, gals !!!"


We wish all who are graduating on June 10, 2011, all the best in the future.

Our thanks and congratulations to the Principal, Mrs. Yvette Bowen, and all of the

teachers and others who support the school. If you can help the Calliaqua Anglican

School in any way send an e-mail to:


There is still a need for contributions for new vestments.

You may contact Fr. Nichols, if you would like to make a contribution.

Check out the updated St. Paul's website and sign the Guestbook.


Condolences to the Harry family on the passing of Winnifred Harry, mother of

Margaret, Rudolph and the late Lewis Harry Ogden. May she rest in peace and

may light perpetual shine upon her.

Please contact Celia Hadaway for information:

From Celia

Over the years many of you have expressed an interest in Condominiums
on the island. I have decided to take the plunge.
I am now offering for sale the first Condos on the island. It is
geared to retired couples and singles who want a safe, no hassle, no
maintenance place to call home. There are only 20 units, with nightly
security, a swimming pool, gym and 3 outdoor covered areas which could
be reserved for bridge playing, small parties etc. The majority are 2
bedrooms with only 4 three bedroom units. I am also offering land for
sale in Harmony Hall should you prefer to build your home.
Please contact Celia Hadaway for more information. or Skpye US #631-998-6106.

To all of the fathers, those who are like fathers to others, those
who support fathers etc.--Enjoy !!
On 6/19, Happy Father's Day!!!!Do something special!!!


To those celebrating birthdays, anniversaries etc. this month--have a good one.

To those facing health challenges we keep you in our prayers. May you soon be back to 100%.

Have a great Summer !!!
Thanks for all of your messages etc.
God bless.

"Introduction to Chemistry and the Environment" by Baldwin King (2002)

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"Search for Identity : Essays on St. Vincent & the Grenadines" edited by:

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For more information about the above contact:

Dr. Baldwin King at:

"The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest "

article entitled ""Manley, Michael (1924-1997)" by Cheryl L. A. King (2009)

Visit the Kings Website at:

Visit the Phills Website at:

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