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The Law and The Elections

Evidently the Law is an adjunct to elections in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The
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Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and opposition leader the Honorable Arhnim Eustace will appear in court

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On Wednesday November 30th Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and opposition leader the Honorable Arhnim Eustace will appear in court to answer battles lodge against them.
In the Prime Minister’s case the high court will hear the arguments put forward on whether Chief magistrate Sonia Young should have summon the Prime Minister to court to answer private criminal complaints lodge against him.
Opposition senator vynette Fredricks lawyers has summated that Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves made suggestive comments about Fredricks sexual orientation which believe affected her returns in the December 2010 general election.

Fredrick lost to the ULP’s Cecil Mc Kie in the constituency of West St George. The Prime Minister reportedly made the statement in reference to Fredrick at a political meeting. High court judge justice Gerthel Thom rule on Tuesday this week that Senator Fredrick had an arguable case and that Chief magistrate Sonia Young miss directed herself in not issuing a summons to the Prime Minister.

On Tuesday’s ruling high court judge Gerthel Thom ruled that chief magistrate Sonia Yong is required to pay Legal cost to Senator Vynette Fredrick amounting to $5000.00

Meanwhile, Opposition leader Arhnim Eustace is being sued by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves for defamation of character at the new Democratic Party’s press conference on Wednesday. Eustace said he was being sued for a pull out spread carried in a local news paper where reference was made about the Prime Minister to which his signature was affix.

In the mean time several application for judicial review of matters filed by opposition candidate were dismissed these cases include Dr Linton Lewis against the government current minister of housing Honourable Clayton Burgin,Senator Vynette Fredricks against current Minister of health Cecil Mckie, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, as well as the opposition Nigel Stephenson against Dr Slater Minister responsible for foreign affairs the case her against patricia Margaret chance an affi Jack were also dismiss.

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