Saturday, January 07, 2012

17 out of 45 in the World: Mainland St. Vincent in the NY Times

The New York Times (yes, that New York Times) has mentioned St. Vincent (yes, St. Vincent and not just the Grenadines) as one of 45 must go places for 2012. The notice is based on Argyle Airport and the Buccament Bay Resort, but those trendy travelers who want to beat the crowd don't mind more primitive accommodations if they can brag about it. Maybe now that the New York Times has given it's imprimatur (Number 17 out of 45 places in the World, and one of two places in the Caribbean) we'll have the pleasure of being crowded with tourists even if a boat's not in.

About time. In case this causes this blog to be noticed, remember that there are a lot of pictures of St. Vincent on the "Karlek" and "ctsnow" pages on Flicker, and this blog has a lot of entries about St. Vincent, some original and others from sources that you aren't likely to (and certainly don't want to struggle through) find casually. I'll see if I can revive some of the other sources of stuff I've posted.

After all, now that St. Vincent is in the A-list of places to go you'll want to know all about it so you can know more than the New York Times does. But here's what they wrote.

"17. St. Vincent

A new resort may put this Caribbean island on the map.

The fact that American Airlines does not fly there could explain why St. Vincent remains among the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets: a stunningly lush, unspoiled gem of an island surrounded by water cerulean enough to render that of other islands murky by comparison. What there is here — a climbable volcano, dramatic waterfalls, black-sand beaches — is dwarfed by what there isn’t: chain stores, crowds, big hotels.

Except, that is, for one notably new exception. Buccament Bay, a five-star resort, opened in the fall and boasts more rooms, about 360, than all other hotels on the island combined. And there are the resort’s five restaurants, a spa, a soccer camp and performing arts center. The resort, along with a new international airport that is scheduled to open in late 2013 and designed to handle five times the number of passengers currently arriving at the island, will most likely let the cat out of the bag and attract the long overdue crowds. Get there before they do."


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