Monday, June 11, 2012

"I'm the white guy" - Romney

It's interesting that Romney is so Republican that he thinks that the Republican way of thinking is universal. The Republicans were so blinded by Obama's skin color in 2008 that they simply assumed that a man with a darker skin color simply couldn't get elected President. That's why they are so furious now that they'd be happy to see the country collapse so long as they can blame it on Obama. But most Republicans are smart enough to realize that they shouldn't say that out in the open. Only Romney is so stupid that he believes that every American is as racist as he is, and that it is obvious that a person with a darker skin color than his can't be elected President. He probably believes that the reason Obama won in 2008 was that the Republicans ran a woman for vice president. He probably thinks the only person less qualified for President than a dark skinned person is a female person. And he is so convinced that everyone agrees with him that he sees nothing wrong with saying it openly in public.

The rest of the campaign will be interesting.