Saturday, February 24, 2007

A Yacht?

A picture of inter-island schooner taken by John Prock in 1990. I'm sure I took one around them myself, but it must be lost.

Joshua - More Notes

I forgot to include a recording by Jon Langford & Sally Timms.

Tom Rush's recordng is also on a compilation of Elektra records issued January 2007, so it is clearly still alive!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Sion Hill

Sion Hill facing Kingstown from the Windward Highway.


This is a picture, from our porch, of the town Eric mentions in his notes. I think I have a picture of Sion Hill if I can find it. Maybe we'll take a drive up to Georgetown and take some pictures. There's no place to stop on the main street so I have no pictures taken on the way to somewhere else.

Joshua-Added Note

Assuming that Eric was right and the strike ocurred in 1962, it was a bad time to get government's attention.

"Representatives of Barbados and the seven Leeward and Windward Island colonies met in Barbados from 27 Feb-5 March, 1962. They requested that the British Government approve a new federation, known as the Little Eight, in the event of the collapse of the West Indies Federation. The UK dissolved the West Indies Federation in May 1962." [From: A Political Chronology of the Americas, David Lea, Collete Minard, Annamarie Rowe (Routledge, 2001, UK)]

Since the primary motivation of local politics in the Caribbean was anti-colonialism, this would have been Joshua's primary consideration. There were more talks in 1966 after a disputed election that kept Joshua in power but they failed to produce a federation. He was replaced by Milton Cato as Chief Minister in 1967 after the SVLP won a general election. Joshua had no furthur role in government though he remained in politics.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Joshua Gone Barbados. Eric Gone, Too.


Eric von Schmidt, a painter and folksinger, died February 2, 2007 in Connecticut. Bob Dylan wrote of him that “He could sing the bird off the wire and the rubber off the tire, he can separate the men from the boys and the note from the noise". But why should that be of interest to people in St. Vincent? Because his most recorded
and most famous song is about an incident that happened near Greorgetown: "Joshua Gone Barbados".

I got more information after I posted this and rewrote it. You can find v2 a bit furthur down the blog.