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St Vincent sailing holiday

Thursday, 28 June 2012 4:41 PM

For a sun-drenched yacht holiday, the Caribbean is a truly wonderful destination. Although there are several thousand islands in the region you can sail between, a sailing break in St Vincent and the Grenadines is particularly exciting. With the archipelago's average yearly temperature standing at 27 degrees C, you can easily enjoy the sunshine both on your boat and onshore.
As well as being blessed with pleasant year-round temperatures, the country also has fantastic boating conditions so booking a Caribbean yacht charter holiday here enables you to put your sailing skills to good use, as well as work on developing a glowing tan. With St Vincent and the Grenadines consisting of 32 islands, you won't struggle to find a spot where you can bask in the warm sunshine. Of course, there are many other things you can see and do once you've moored up your vessel.
St Vincent
Given it's the largest and most populated island in the country, St Vincent is the ideal starting point for a sailing break in the region. Before you get into your yacht, make sure you spend some time relaxing on its beaches. Both white and black sand are to be found here, with Mt Young Beach one of the longest stretches in the entire archipelago.
St Vincent's stunning natural scenery isn't merely limited to its coastal areas though, in heading to the botanical gardens in Kingstown you'll see an array of wonderful plants and flowers. Make sure you visit the aviary to catch a glimpse of a St Vincent parrot, the country's national bird, and various rare species of wildlife. As the oldest botanical gardens in the western hemisphere, this is one historic attraction you won't want to miss before your yacht charter break starts in earnest.
Tobago Cays
This pretty cluster of five small isles is an ideal place to enjoy the tropical sunshine, with white sandy beaches in abundance. Bear in mind though that there is little in the way of natural shade here, so you'll need to bring your own protection from the sun.
If you ever get tired of doing little more than relaxing on the beach, take a walk along the gently sloping sand down to the sea. The waters surrounding Tobago Cays are extremely clear, making them well-suited to both swimming and diving. If it's the latter you're interested in the most, make sure you explore the western coast of Mayreau, where you'll find the remains of a British gunship that was sunk in 1918, as well as vibrant sponge coral and brightly coloured fish. Should you swim through the Horseshoe Reef you can expect to see eagle rays and nurse sharks, in addition to soft and hard corals.
The small isles of Petit Rameau and Petit Bateau, meanwhile, feature a network of hiking trails. As you walk along these you'll be provided with wonderful views of the rest of the Grenadines, as well as have the chance to see the country's varied wildlife, such as iguanas and hawksbill turtles, up close.
Although it is just 7 sq miles, Bequia contains a wide variety of landscapes, including coconut plantations and tree-covered hills. Most people, however, are drawn to the isle's pristine beaches that provide the perfect opportunity to indulge in a little sunbathing.
Friendship Bay Beach and Princess Margaret Beach are among the many sandy stretches you can relax on, so being able to work on your tan for a while won't be hard. The majority of the island's beaches have bars and/or restaurants situated close by, so after a couple of hours of lazing on the sand you can easily sip on a refreshing drink or grab a bite to eat.
Of course, there is plenty more to the isle than just beautiful beaches and sunbathing and it is well worth uncovering Bequia's long-running maritime industry, which dates back to the 1700s. Head to the northern tip of Admiralty Bay and you can explore the remains of Fort Hamilton, a British navy lookout that was built in the 18th century. Here, you'll find a number of cannons pointing out to sea and be able to take in wonderful views of the bay. Alternatively, you can visit the whaling museum situated at the home of Athneal Ollivierre, a famous local harpooner, or go hiking along the verdant trails of Mount Pleasant.

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Mitt Romney: “I was too important to go to Vietnam”

Mitt Romney: “I was too important to go to Vietnam”
June 7, 2012

Monday, at a press event in California before the GOP primary in that state, former Gov. Mitt Romney was asked about his support of United States military involvement overseas. He was pleased to answer the question, however after his response, his answer to a follow-up question regarding his four deferments from the Vietnam War did not please onlookers, especially veterans.

Romney responded to the question regarding US military involvement by stating, “We are the most powerful nation in the world, and it is our responsibility to make sure we protect all of our interests both here and abroad. This helps protect each and every freedom that has been fought for and won over the centuries of our nation’s existence. We will do what we have to in regard to strengthening our allied relationships, as well as letting our enemies know we do not intend to back down. We will stay the course of freedom at all costs. That is what our founders would have wanted.”

This very rehearsed answer to a scripted question was followed by a question that the former governor was not prepared to answer, or so it seemed by his response.
The next question asked went as follows, “Governor Romney, it is true, is it not that you had four deferments from the Vietnam War… You have said before that you support war and the efforts of US military involvement overseas at all costs, yet you made sure you would never go to war yourself. What makes you think that veterans and those currently serving in the military think that you have their best interests at heart when you yourself weren’t even interested in sacrificing your time, energy, or life for your nation at a time when it seemed most crucial?”

Romney responded: “That’s a good question, young man, and I would be happy to answer it. The Vietnam War came at a time in my life when I had other plans. I knew in my heart of hearts that I would one day serve my nation. That I would one day hold an office that would help not only our nation, but also the world. So I did what I could to make sure that I would be around to serve my nation, as well as serving God by teaching very important religious principles to a broader audience overseas. My father did not want me serving, and he convinced me that yes, I was too important to go to Vietnam. I had a greater purpose in life. I wasn’t neglecting my nation, but rather preparing myself for a future of service.” 

An onlooker that seemingly was a Vietnam veteran shouted, “Fuck you, Romney! You wouldn’t know service if it bit you on your well manicured ass.” To which Romney responded, “Please don’t be testy, my friend. I did what I did for you, and I thank you for your service as well.”  That same veteran responded, “You only served yourself, you jackass. You could’ve served your nation even if your draft number wasn’t called… but you didn’t… you chose to serve yourself instead. Thanks for revealing your true colors.” 

The questioning was quickly ushered to the next topics of education and the environment. This apparent gaffe was too honest to appear to be a mistaken answer. We will have to wait and see if this topic gets brought up again in future interviews and possibly the presidential debates this fall.

Satire Disclaimer
March 7, 2012
Free Wood Post is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within are fiction, and presumably fake news.

Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental, except for all references to politicians and/or celebrities, in which case they are based on real people, but still based almost entirely in fiction. is intended for a mature, sophisticated, and discerning audience.


Unfortunately I didn't read this before I took the previously quoted blog seriously. 

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"I'm the white guy" - Romney

It's interesting that Romney is so Republican that he thinks that the Republican way of thinking is universal. The Republicans were so blinded by Obama's skin color in 2008 that they simply assumed that a man with a darker skin color simply couldn't get elected President. That's why they are so furious now that they'd be happy to see the country collapse so long as they can blame it on Obama. But most Republicans are smart enough to realize that they shouldn't say that out in the open. Only Romney is so stupid that he believes that every American is as racist as he is, and that it is obvious that a person with a darker skin color than his can't be elected President. He probably believes that the reason Obama won in 2008 was that the Republicans ran a woman for vice president. He probably thinks the only person less qualified for President than a dark skinned person is a female person. And he is so convinced that everyone agrees with him that he sees nothing wrong with saying it openly in public.

The rest of the campaign will be interesting.

"Of course I'll win, I'm the white guy." - Romney

By Sarah Wood

What could have been a game changing moment in Mitt Romneys campaign turned into a horrendous gaffe Tuesday afternoon when the former governor was having lunch with a few of his supporters. Romney was hoping to show America how well he relates to the average working American by having a press recorded lunch at a local pancake house in rural Kentucky where the primary elections were taking place. 

However, what turned from a nice preplanned lunch with common-folk conversation ended up getting off track when one of Romneys supporters asked him how he was so certain he would win. Romney turned to the man seated on his left and seemingly forgetting the ten plus reporters in the room said, Well between you and me, we have to think about the reality of the situation. Obama is a popular guy and his supporters are hell-bent in getting him reelected. There is one thing th at his campaign seems to keep forgetting over and over, and that is how many Americans cant stand the guy for an obvious reason. Of course Ill win, Im the white guy.

The Romney supporter looked at Romney with a look of agreement yet bewilderment. The chatter within the room got quite loud as reporters grabbed at their phones and took rapid notes. Its not every day that a candidate is so brutally honest with his supporters.

One of Romneys aides quickly tapped the former governor on the shoulder and whispered something into his ear. Romneys face had a stone cold expression that can only be described as terrified. After talking with his aide for a minute or so, Romney turned back to the table and smiled saying, Its a good thing we all know how to take a joke here, huh? Of course the reason that I know Im going to win in because Im the guy that will stand up for true conservative values and economic prosperity. Which of course is what the American people will want come November. 

After Romney finished speaking he stood up from the table and was ushered outside to a waiting car. In hopes that he was able to successfully spin his verbal gaffe, Romney made sure to get a spot on Fox News Hannity as soon as possible to further clear up any liberal spin that may occur.

Only time will tell if he can recover from this clear opinion of his true beliefs in why he thinks he will win this upcoming November.

Fire at LIAT

ST. JOHN’S, Antigua, Monday June 11, 2012 – Two office blocks, an aircraft hangar and an aircraft were gutted by a massive fire that swept through LIAT’s section of the VC Bird International Airport on Sunday (June 10) night. 

According to a series of advisories issued by the company, the large fire started around 10:15 pm last night and was not reported as being under control until 12 hours later. There were no reports of injury or loss of life.

According to Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC)reports, residents in the area heard several explosions shortly before 10.30 pm and saw smoke billowing from the facility, located at the airport’s eastern edge.

Explosions were said to have continued to go off throughout the effort by firefighters and tenders from the airport and stations around the island to battle the huge blaze.

According to reports, the destroyed plane, registration V2-LGH, was just over 21-years-old; the oldest of three Dash-8s still in LIAT’s fleet, and it was undergoing a routine maintenance check at the time.

In its second advisory issued at 10 am this morning, LIAT’s management said fire service, emergency and law enforcement personnel would remain at the scene as investigations got underway to determine the cause of the fire. LIAT also said it was working with the investigative authorities of Antigua and Barbuda as well as the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA) to determine the cause of the fire.

While flights were temporarily halted at the height of the blaze, LIAT reported that it was maintaining its operation from the VC Bird International and other regional airports and expected all flights to operate normally today (June 11).

LIAT’s Management also requested all employees who work at the LIAT Hangar; Buildings One, Two, Three and Four are asked to report to the company’s headquarters in the Sealy Building to report for work as normal from 8 am this morning. 

Read more:

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List of Publications--Kings Press

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Baldwin King, Kenneth John & Cheryl L. A. King (2006)

"Quest for Caribbean Unity : Beyond Colonialism" edited by:

Kenneth John, Baldwin King & Cheryl L. A. King (2006)

"Home Sweet Home : Musings on Hairoun" edited by:

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by Sir Rupert John with a new foreword by Karl John

Published by KINGS-SVG (2009)

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"Spirit-Filled and Emancipated Living" by Laura Anthony Browne

Published by KINGS-SVG (2010)

 “From Shakers To Spiritual
Baptists: The Struggle For Survival of the Shakers
of St. Vincent and the Grenadines” by
Adrian Fraser.
Published by KINGS-SVG (2011)
"Caribbean Trailblazers: St.Vincent and the Grenadines" Vol. 2 edited by:
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"Caribbean Trailblazers: St. Vincent and the Grenadines,
Volumes I and II” edited by Baldwin King and Cheryl Phills King,

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"The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest "

article entitled ""Manley, Michael (1924-1997)" by Cheryl L. A. King (2009)

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KINGS-SVG PUBLISHERS wishes to announce that the two volumes of 
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Volume 1 contains :
  Biographies of fifteen persons (12 men and 3 women) who have made
significant contributions to St. Vincent and the Grenadines itself
or its diaspora. The individuals profiled are: 
Joseph Chatoyer by Dr. Adrian Fraser, Edgar Julian Duncan by Dr. Baldwin King,
J. L. Eustace by Dr. Ann Eustace, J. P. Eustace by Vin Samuel, 
Bernard "Ches" Gibbs by Dr. Peggy Antrobus, Fitz Allen John by Dr. Catherine John, 
Nesta "Clarie" Paynter by Ann Samuel and Joan Samuel Simien,
Phyllis Joyce Punnett by Andrea Punnett Boos, 
Alban Radix by Hazeldene Phills Hercules and Cheryl Phills King, 
Thomas Mowbray Saunders by Adrian Saunders, Franklyn Ellison Seales by Jean Dorsinville, 
Shirley Richards Squire by Elizabeth Punnett, George C. H. Thomas by Monica Thomas Woodley,. 
Henry Harvey Williams by Sir Fred Phillips and Earl “Old George” Daniel by Dr. Bertram John.

Volume 2  
contains :
Biographies of eighteen persons (14 men and 4 women) who have made
significant contributions in St. Vincent and the Grenadines itself or in the diaspora.
The individuals profiled are:
Roy L. Austin by John Horne, Eileen “Betty” King by Rudolph Baynes, Jr., 
Kerston M. Coombs by Baldwin King, Hubert E. A. Daisley by George E. Daisley, 
L. Jeanette “Jean” Duncan by Hayden Duncan, Edward G. Griffith by Kenneth John, 
Ellsworth McGranahan “Shake” Keane by Philip Nanton, Errol G. King by Roy Austin, 
Christian I. “Cims” Martin by Roy Austin, George A. McIntosh by Kenneth John, 
Kerwyn L. Morris by Kenneth John, Nora E. Peacocke by Nan Peacocke, 
Patrick E. Prescod by Fred Prescod, Alphonso Roberts by Kenneth John, 
Nelcia Robinson by Carleen Marshall, Randolph B. Russell by Gwendoline Russell, 
George Owen Walker by Yvonne Walker Andrew and Daniel Williams by Kenneth John.                                    

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PM Encourages Cooperation

 Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves is encouraging Vincentians to support law enforcement authority in the execution of their duties.
Dr. Gonsalves yesterday pointed out that a lot of Vincentians are not aware of what it takes to protect the citizens of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He reference the unfortunate incident that took place in Union Island on Sunday afternoon which led to the shooting death of three Venezuelans and the drowning death of one of this country’s customs officials. The swift actions taken by the Customs Official and Policeman involved in the incident is one of courage, commitment and devotion to duty, Gonsalves said.
The Prime Minister stated that Union Island is recently being used for organized crimes mainly by foreigners and as such in the next four weeks one of the interceptor vessels to be received from the US will be station on Union Island to strengthen the assets at the Coast Guard.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

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Photo of harassed girl. I forgot to include it in the last blog.

It seems to me that the New York police have increased their racist aggression toward Vincentians in recent days, or the reporting about it has gotten better. On the other hand it seems that Republican racism has gotten more overt since Obama was elected president. It will be interesting to watch how this works out as the election fever intensifies.

Vincentians sue NYPD over alleged racial rough-up

NEW YORK, USA, Wednesday June 06, 2012 – Fifteen-year-old Brittany Rowley, a Vincentian honour student at an all-girls Catholic high school in Brooklyn, was heading to the library with a friend when she noticed a vehicle trailing them.  What followed was “the most horrible thing I have ever experienced,” according to the injured teenager.

And Brittany’s outraged parents aren’t taking the matter lightly.

Delmus and Wendy Rowley have filed a notice of claim with the City of New York and the New York Police Department (NYPD) for US$5.5 million in a case of mistaken identity.

Mrs. Rowley, née John, was born and lived in Rillan Hill, St Vincent before moving to New York.

The Rowleys, who reside in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn, said they have decided to take legal action because two white plainclothes cops last week severely and unnecessarily roughed-up their daughter, claiming she matched the description of a shoplifting suspect in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn.

“I feel my daughter was racially profiled,” Delmus Rowley told reporters. “They had no proof, just a description of a black young lady with braids.

“It wasn’t necessary to tackle a 15-year-old girl,” the outraged father added. “It was excessive.”
In court papers, the Rowleys alleged that Sergeant Jonathan Catanzaro and Officer Stephen Nakao of the 78th Precinct in Brooklyn used “excessive force” and “falsely arrested” Brittany, a freshman at St Saviour High School in Park Slope, who was on her way to the library with an unidentified friend when she noticed the vehicle trailing them.

Court documents also indicate that Catanzaro slammed Brittany to the pavement and flung his keys at her.

“It was terrifying,” said Brittany, who suffered whiplash to her neck, and received injuries to her hand and other parts of her body. “It is the most horrible thing I have ever experienced.”

Brittany said that she and her friend thought they were being abducted and began to run, after they saw the unmarked car reversing towards them.

She said they became more apprehensive when she heard a male voice shouting, “Get them!”

The teenager alleged that the sergeant threw her to the ground and yelled:  “Why did you f******* run? I should punch you.”

She said they were arrested and released hours later after cops realized they had arrested the wrong suspects.

Police said two black teenage girls had earlier shoplifted shorts and jeans from Rivet, a clothing store a few blocks from the incident. They said the description matched Brittany and her friend.

“It is not a surprise that parents fear more that their children will suffer violence at the hands of the police than from common criminals,” Sanford Rubenstein, the Rowleys lawyer, told reporters, expressing deep concern about heightened racial profiling by the NYPD.

The NYPD was at the centre of controversy recently when a white police officer unlawfully arrested St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ United Nations Ambassador Camillo Gonsalves in the lobby of the building that houses the SVG Mission to the UN in midtown Manhattan.
Critics alleged that Gonsalves’ arrest was also a case of racial profiling. As a diplomat, Gonsalves was entitled to diplomatic immunity under the Geneva Convention.