Monday, June 27, 2011

Art Exhibit

I was notified by an email from Jennifer Lewis, who is participating. If anyone takes pictures send them tp

Jennifer Lewis

London office +44 (0) 208 681 5788
St Vincent mobile+ 1784 4557218
+ 1784 4569931
skype louiepepperstorm

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interesting Email

I got the following as an email. It seems to be a Wikileaks sort of cable about a conversation between PM Gonsalves and the US Ambassador in Barbados. In any case it gives some sense of what the US-SVG relationship is like:

¶1. (C) Summary: In a wide-ranging discussion over breakfast, Ambassador Ourisman and St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves covered the crime situation in St. Vincent, the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), the state of the region's primary air carrier (LIAT), the IMF's involvement in the Eastern Caribbean, and cultural influences and preservation. PM Gonsalves reiterated SVG's gratitude for American military and law enforcement assistance, and offered to investigate the handling of a court case involving a Peace Corps Volunteer who had been stabbed mid-2007. End Summary. ¶2. (SBU) On January 29, 2008 Ambassador Ourisman hosted St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves for breakfast at the Embassy before his first official meeting with new Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson. Initially meant to focus on the recent trial involving a Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) who was stabbed in St. Vincent last year, the discussion soon wandered to cover a variety of issues. "Daniel, My Brother" -------------------- ¶3. (C) Much of the discussion focused on Gonsalves' participation in the sixth Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) summit just days before in Caracas (septel). Gonsalves was quick to deny any military and intelligence agenda or component to ALBA, and appeared to generally want to disassociate himself from Chavez's ideologies. He was quick to thank the United States for is continued military and law enforcement assistance. Gonsalves opined that Nicaragua's Ortega (who he described as his "brother") is "less strident" this time around, and noted that Chavez and Ortega plan to visit St. Vincent, Dominica, and Antigua in late February. Barbados Elections ------------------ ¶4. (C) On the subject of Barbados' newly elected government, Gonsalves stated that he did not expect any significant differences in the ruling Democratic Labour Party's policies, as both major political parties in Barbados are "steeped in social democracy and committed to regional integration." Echoing Grenada PM Keith Mitchell's comments in the press, Gonsalves dismissed the notion of "winds of change" sweeping through the Caribbean with the recent change of governments in Jamaica, St. Lucia, Bahamas, and Barbados. According to Gonsalves, Barbados' two main parties are so similar that "differences will have to be manufactured to keep the party faithful happy." Investment, Macroeconomics, and the IMF --------------------------------------- ¶5. (C) The Ambassador then mentioned USAID's recent support for Investment Promotion Authorities (IPA's) in St. Kitts and Antigua, and asked Gonsalves if SVG had interest in forming an IPA as well. Gonsalves replied that while St. Vincent currently has a type of investment authority now (the National Investment Promotion, Inc.), he conceded that it needed modernizing and expressed interest in partnering with the United States to pursue an IPA. Expanding on the theme of economics, Gonsalves noted that SVG farmers had "taken a beating" as a result of the loss of European trade preferences. He noted that SVG had begun importing sugar and using the profits from selling the sugar to the private sector to subsidize agricultural inputs. ¶6. (C) Gonsalves emphasized that while SVG currently receives good marks from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the organization is not generally constructed to understand the "peculiarities" of small island economies. Saying "you cannot use general economic theories" with countries such as SVG, Gonsalves cited his use of "counter-cycle fiscal policy", which the IMF originally opposed, and then later praised but added that it should be discontinued. Speaking philosophically, the PM noted that "the peoples in these islands are wedded to good governance," and have a "devotion to the rock but not necessarily to the government." UN Voting Record ---------------- ¶7. (C) When the Ambassador reiterated USG appreciation for SVG casting the deciding vote in December's UNGA human rights resolution on Iran, Gonsalves admitted, "we have not been consistent in the past in voting on these matters." He followed this surprising admission by blaming SVG's former Ambassador to the United Nations, Margaret Hughes Ferrari (2001-2007) for previous UN votes on human rights, saying she was "cynical in her view that so-called Western nations used the human rights issue selectively." (Note: Gonsalves replaced Ferrari with his son Camillo Gonsalves in late 2007. End note). Peace Corps Stabbing, Crime, and Medical Schools --------------------------------------------- --- ¶8. (C) The Ambassador then raised the recent dismissal of a criminal case against a Vincentian who had stabbed a Pace Corps Volunteer (PCV) in June 2007. According to USG representatives who attended the recent rial, the case against the perpetrator was withdawn by the police prosecutor without calling allthe witnesses, and despite overwhelming evidencethat had been collected by local police. Saying I am very sorry about this," Gonsalves promised o order investigations by te Police Chief, the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Attorney General into the handling of the case. Based on his knowledge of the legal system, the PM said that a retrial is very unlikely, given SVG's laws against "double jeopardy"; however, he noted that a civil suit was still possible. ¶9. (C) When the Ambassador expressed general concerns about the crime situation in SVG, Gonsalves downplayed any concerns, and in reference to the closure of Kingstown Medical College (Ref B), denied that crime was truly a deciding factor. Instead, he noted that the College had demanded "exclusivity" (a guarantee that it would be the only medical school with access to SVG's hospitals) while negotiating the renewal of its contract with the government. Gonsalves claimed that since the closure of the college, school officials had since offered to open a four-year medical school on the site, but that the government had decided (but not yet announced) to go with an offer from a different institution to found a four-year medical school in St. Vincent. Recognizing the potential of so-called "educational tourism", Gonsalves noted that SVG was seeking additional medical schools that would be interested in attaching themselves to the medical center currently being built in the nation's second-largest city of Georgetown. LIAT, Race, and Culture ----------------------- ¶10. (C) When asked about recent claims in the Eastern Caribbean that the sole regional air carrier, LIAT, was inefficient and guilty of price-gouging, Gonsalves replied that (St. Lucia's Minister of Tourism) "Chastanet talks a lot of rubbish when it comes to regional air transport." Noting the lack of air transport regulation in the Eastern Caribbean, and in regards to governmental efforts to increase competition in the region, Gonsalves stated, "we've been down that road before", citing the failures of Carib Express, BWIA, and Caribbean Star, among others. Gonsalves said he was "not against competition" but wants "fair competition." ¶11. (C) He further criticized St. Lucia's Alan Chastanet as among "a species of brown people in the Caribbean with money" who are "not loyal to anybody". Gonsalves continued by noting that such people, whom he described as "Castries mulattos", believe they are "oracles" and represent a "break in the social advancement in the Eastern Caribbean." ¶12. (C) Continuing on the theme of culture, Gonsalves lamented the influence of "U.S. prison culture" on his country in the modes of dress adopted by young people. On a positive note, the Ambassador expressed her desire to provide cultural preservation funding to the GOSVG to refurbish wood panels depicting the indigenous Carib population that are currently housed in the dilapidated Fort Charlotte. Gonsalves expressed gratitude and promised to provide the appropriate contact so that such a project could proceed immediately. Comment ------- ¶13. (C) While the friendly nature of the meeting reflected the Embassy's generally good relations with St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Gonsalves was at his legalistic best, downplaying both SVG's involvement in ALBA and the crime situation (which by most accounts has severely escalated of late). Still, he was extremely responsive to the Ambassador's concerns regarding the incident involving the Peace Corps volunteer, and was quick to offer extremely frank views on a variety of subjects. Gonsalves remains a master of contradictions, who continues to court whatever foreign government he can in order to secure financial and other benefits for his country. End Comment. OURISMAN

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Legal Matters

Case No. 1

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, CMC – Radio talk show host Eduardo “EG” Lynch has lost a third appeal in a defamation case brought against him by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

The Court of Appeal has ruled that Lynch pay Gonsalves damages totaling EC$140,000 (US$51,851). In addition, the radio talk show host must pay EC$40,000 (US$14, 814) in costs as well as interests to be assessed dating back to 2008.

“Now, that is a significant judgment,” said attorney Anthony Astaphan, who represented the Prime Minister.

He said the judgement “has to be, if not the highest, one of the highest award for defamation in the history of the (Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States).

“The critical question in that appeal was whether or not Dr. Ralph Gonsalves was entitled to significant damages, whether significant damages would fetter freedom of expression or constitute a chilling effect, whether or not they should pay cost and interest to Dr. Gonsalves,”  Astaphan said.

The case, which was also brought against BDS Ltd., owners of NICE Radio, stemmed from Lynch accusing Prime Minister Gonsalves of using public funds to finance a trip to Rome for members of his family.

Case No. 2

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent, CMC - The Commission of Inquiry into the multi-million dollar Ottley Hall Marina and Shipyard project can now proceed after the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal ruled that its proceedings were not bias, as claimed by former prime minister, Sir James Mitchell.

The Commission, which was set up to determine who, if anyone, is culpable for the disappearance of monies allocated to building the marina, went on a two-year hiatus after Sir James brought a legal challenge objecting to its proceedings. He had claimed bias.

Senior Counsel Anthony Astaphan, who represented the St. Vincent and the Grenadines government, said “one of the grounds of bias on which (Mitchell) relied was the … summons letter issued by the commissioner and the interim report that the commissioner had sent to the Director of Public Prosecution”.

Astaphan said that the Court of Appeal agreed with the government that the summons letter “constituted no bias whatsoever but that there was an issue to be tried as to whether or not the report constituted a bias and he was sent back to the High Court for trial.”

The trial was completed in two days and the court dismissed the claim form and the application and discharged the injunction, Astaphan said.

“(This) means that the Commission of Inquiry into Ottley Hall can continue and that James Mitchell can now be summons again to participate in the Commission of Inquiry,” Astaphan added.

The marina, which was build in 1993 when Mitchell’s New Democratic Party was in office, was subsequently valued at between EC$3.5 million (US$1.29 million) and EC$7 million (US$2.59) but left the nation with a debt of EC$200 million (US$74.07 million).
Mitchell, who has sole ministerial oversight for the project has denied any wrongdoing and said last year, “my conscience is as clear as the waters flowing down the mountainside to Majorca” – a major potable water in-take in St. Vincent.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Old Pictures

There are some interesting old picture from the Caribbean on:

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Discover SVG

If you have an iPhone or iPad (I just bought one) you can go to the iTunes website and look up the application titled "Discover St. Vincent" it is a nice tourist piece and viewable on an iPhone or an iPad. The iPad version is just the iPhone version magnified, but the pictures are clear. I don't have a web connection to my iPad (the wi-fi unit is still in St. Vincent) so i don't get connected to the individual web pages, but what I can see is very nicely done.

I'll tell you more when we go back down to St. Vincent in the fall.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Planning For The Grenadines


Planning the Future of Marine Resources of the Grenadines:
Are you concerned about the future of the marine areas surrounding the Grenadine Islands?

The Sustainable Grenadines Inc. invites marine resource users (fishers, cruisers, dive shop operators, day tour operators, water taxi operators, ferries etc.) and other community members to take part in a series of community meetings about planning for long-term management of the marine and coastal resources of the Grenadine Islands.  The meetings are part of a project to develop a draft regional marine multi-use zoning plan that would incorporate a broad range of interests and management goals to promote sustainable development in the area.  The project spans from October 2010 to March 2012 and is funded by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP).

Informative community meetings are scheduled to take place from June 8-20th 2011 on every inhabited island of the Grenadines.  The meetings are a follow-up to the regional stakeholder visioning workshop that kicked off the project in Hillsborough, Carriacou during the end of January. These community meetings will involve: an introduction to the project; discussions of the project components; and initial discussions to obtain feedback on local priorities for the marine space and resources. All are welcome to attend and learn more about this important project.

The schedule for these community meetings begin at 6:00pm as follows:
June 8th  – Petite Martinique – PM School
June 9th – Carriacou, Harvey Vale – Lambi Queen
June 10th  – Carriacou, Hillsborough – Regatta Jupa
June 12th – Union Island, Ashton – Lassie’s
June 14th – Mayreau – Combination Café
June 16th – Canouan - Nasa’s
June 17th – Canouan, Friendship - Fishing Camp (2 pm)
June 17th – Bequia, Paget Farm – Step Down
June 19th – Bequia, Port Elizabeth - Movie City
June 20th – Mustique – Fishing Camp (2 pm) & Lisa’s Lovell Village
If you require additional information please contact Kim Baldwin ( or (784.454.0606), Valerie Francella ( or the SusGren Office (784.485.8779).

Kim Baldwin


Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2011 18:12:05 -0700

ubject: Re: [susgren] Grenadines Community Meetings

Maybe we now need to start looking at the issue of the Proposed World Heritage Listing?

Michael Jessamy

Greetings Michael,

Indeed the time to look at this would be now. I believe it will require a Ministerial interaction between the two countries. Most people associated with the Grenadines recognize the strength of the entire area as a mixed cultural and natural heritage site. Culturally, the pre-Columbian sites, well preserved African traditions, colonial forts, boatbuilding and sailing speak loudly. Then there is the huge diversity of marine habitats, indigenous dry forest, mangroves, wetlands, bird nesting, marine mammals, etc. Somehow an appreciation for potential of this entire package is not reaching the main island people, especially in SVG where those responsible seem to favour smaller sites in the Grenadines. They need to realize that while the Tobago Cays are indeed special, protected reef sites are quite numerous and that the reefs in the TCMP are getting worse every year. I was there last week with a field group and can attest to that from personal observation. I would recommend that someone on the Grenada side get the relevant Minister(s) to engage the relevant Minister(s) on the SVG side and see if they can get this to the next level.



Robin Mahon

Professor of Marine Affairs and Director

Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES)

University of the West Indies,
Cave Hill Campus

St. Michael, Barbados

Hi Michael,

I completely agree with Robin. Furthermore there are not many marine nor transboundary WHS listings -- I believe the Grenadines would be a strong candidate.
Also the group may be interested to know that I have a GIS / participatory mapping student coming July 8th from the States (Aly DeGraff) on a Compton Fellowship for a one year to build on the MarSIS with important terrestrial features (in terms of mapping cultural, historical and areas of importance for biodiversity) across the Grenadines. In my mind this is a information gap of MarSIS and by having this information included would further aid the designation!

I have attached a short proposal of her project for those who are interested.

Take care,

Kim Baldwin
PhD Candidate

Cave Hill Campus

246-417-4828 work 


These are some emails that came in while I was on my way to the US so we can see doctors. I think it might be a useful idea if those who read this blog, local or in the diaspora, write to any contacts in the government (or, if nobody else, Comrade Ralph) to say that it is important to find funds to preserve the environment particularly in hard economic times. These days, when the rich are getting richer, they need some projects that will soothe their consciences; and the rest of us have no spare money, but the unemployed have time to write to politicians and the politicians are more likely to read begging letters for environmental projects than requests for jobs they don't have to give.

What St. Vincent and the Grenadines has is the fact that we haven't yet spoiled our entire environment, and we have a chance to do some protecting before the economy recovers and the tourists come back. Write and let people know how you feel.


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Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Assorted pictures of St. Vincent and the Grenadines on:

Sorry: on Jan 7, 2012 this website doesn't open.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Photos of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

You can see photos from tourists at:

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

GHS News - From Cheryl King

GHS Info:
Get your Centenary Magazine for just EC $20.00.
It can be bought in St. Vincent at Jujube Book-store, Corea's City Store, Searchlight and Girls' High School.
It is an excellent Reference tool and Souvenir. It is a MUST !!! You won't want to be without one !!!

GHS Centenary Activities:
Happy 100th anniversary, St. Vincent Girls' High School (GHS). Enjoy!!!
Thanks to all of you for all of your support as we embarked on plans to celebrate the GHS centenary.
In general, when I think of GHS sisters in the Ratho-Mill/Calliaqua area ahead of my generation
some of the names that come to mind that I think of are Gweneth George- Anne George's mother,
and Marie Prince, Cynthia "Mitchie" Clouden Huggins, Sylvia Clouden Defreitas,
Patsy Clouden,Vernice Haynes, Valeria Haynes Fraser, Lorna Jones Mc Barnett, Ela Toney, Sibyl Dougan,
Thelma Dougan, June Isaacs Mascoll, Agnetta "Dotsie" Mitchell and her sister Jenna Mitchell Stephens,
Jannette Williams Creese, Louise Jack, Joan Jack Heselton, Sylvia Pemberton Maloney,
Cynthia Pemberton Nurse, Sheila Pemberton, Val Byron Mayers, Clytie Ross and all of the others.

For GHS anniversary pictures etc. please see:

Thanks to Marcia Kirton for photographing and documenting these historic moments.

Netball: Afternoon of Saturday, April 30, 2011-Arnos Vale Playing Field, Arnos Vale

Tea Party and Launch of the GHS Centenary Magazine, GHS Lighting Up: Sunday, May 1, 2011-GHS, Kingstown

Sports Day#1: Tuesday, May 3, 2011-Victoria Park, Kingstown

Sports Day#2: Tuesday, May 3, 2011-Victoria Park, Kingstown

Sports Day - Award Ceremony: Tuesday, May 3, 2011-Victoria Park, Kingstown

Sports Day - Show Yuh True Colors: Tuesday, May 3, 2011-Victoria Park, Kingstown

Exhibition: Wednesday May 4, 2011 and Thursday, May 5, 2011-Methodist Church Hall, Kingstown

Talent Extravaganza: Wednesday, May 4, 2011-Faith Temple Church, New Montrose.

Quilts: Morning of Wednesday, May 4, 2011, National Public Library, Kingstown.
(these pics were taken after the ceremony)

Final Lecture:Thursday, May 5, 2011-Methodist Church Hall, Kingstown.

Handing Over of Trophy Cabinets: Morning of Thursday, May 5, 2011-GHS, Kingstown.

Gala Dinner: Evening of Friday, May 6, 2011, International Aquatic Club, Villa.

Blue & White Affair: Evening of Saturday, May 7, 2011, Victoria Park, Kingstown.

Ecumenical Service: Afternoon of Sunday, May 8, 2011. Methodist Church, Kingstown.

Centennial Stamps were also released featuring:

1. The Grimble Hall - as a legacy Protected Heritage Building.
2. The GHS 2010 Steel Orchestra - being the Pan Champions in this Special year, and for the first time.
3. The Captain and Members of the West Indies Netball team with Mrs. Peggy (Ince) Hull - as Captain- when the team won
4. Miss Colette Charles - who is the most outstanding Alumna with the highest achievement of passes and scholastic record in this history of GHS (Class of 2007)
5. Mrs. Norma (Ince) Keizer, OBE, and her daughter Mrs. Andrea (Keizer) Bowman - as Mother and Daughter both Alumnae - Headmistresses of GHS
within the 100 years of the school
6. Mrs. Laura Smith Moffett - most memorable Headmistress of GHS
7. Miss Beryl Baptiste, MBE - Alumna - and First Female Director of Audit in the entire British Commonwealth
8. Mrs. Betty Boyea-King - First SVG to be appointed to International Diplomacy
9. Dame Monica Dacon - (Alumna & Teacher/Mistress of GHS) First Female in SVG to be Knighted by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
10. Mrs. Susan (Ryan) Dougan OBE - Alumna, Teacher/Mistress, Headmistress, Chief Educational Officer and Constitutional Office of Cabinet Secretary -

Available at GHS and at the Philatelic Bureau


I would like to thank everyone for the congratulations extended to me on my receiving a Centenary Award. Much appreciated. So many have contributed to the success of the centenary celebrations. I would like to thank the GHS and the GHSAA-SVG and its members for this honor. I would like to thank all who have allowed me to communicate with them over these many years. Moving forward we will constructively continue to assist our beloved Alma Mater-Girls' High School and St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Happy 100th anniversary,GHS, on May 8, 2011. Thank you.

I have been asked to remind you of the upcoming Toronto GHS Alumnae Celebrations.
For details please see:
Deadline: The end of this week...Saturday, June 4, 2011.
Be sure to call by the deadline for the accommodation rates listed.
The "Gems of the Antilles" Tea, in Toronto, is on Saturday, June 18, 2011,
Villagers-Carmen Phills,Grace Toney Stephens and Barbara Toney are members of the Gems.
You remember their outstanding Gems Steel Orchestra !!

For tickets: Contact Grace Toney Stephens:416-755-8184 or Betsy
Anthony: 416-291-4978. $25. At L'Amoreaux Collegiate Cafeteria, Warden and
Bridletowne Circle, North of Finch. June 18. 3-7p.m. Creative hats encouraged.
Join the Hat parade. Prizes for best. Tea and entertainment by voices, dancers,
strings, wind and steel. Bake table, raffles, balloon surprises and more.
Will be honouring Mother Jack who was the mentor from the

All in aid of charities in Canada and in
SVG. Happy 20th anniversary !!
You go, gals !!!"


We wish all who are graduating on June 10, 2011, all the best in the future.

Our thanks and congratulations to the Principal, Mrs. Yvette Bowen, and all of the

teachers and others who support the school. If you can help the Calliaqua Anglican

School in any way send an e-mail to:


There is still a need for contributions for new vestments.

You may contact Fr. Nichols, if you would like to make a contribution.

Check out the updated St. Paul's website and sign the Guestbook.


Condolences to the Harry family on the passing of Winnifred Harry, mother of

Margaret, Rudolph and the late Lewis Harry Ogden. May she rest in peace and

may light perpetual shine upon her.

Please contact Celia Hadaway for information:

From Celia

Over the years many of you have expressed an interest in Condominiums
on the island. I have decided to take the plunge.
I am now offering for sale the first Condos on the island. It is
geared to retired couples and singles who want a safe, no hassle, no
maintenance place to call home. There are only 20 units, with nightly
security, a swimming pool, gym and 3 outdoor covered areas which could
be reserved for bridge playing, small parties etc. The majority are 2
bedrooms with only 4 three bedroom units. I am also offering land for
sale in Harmony Hall should you prefer to build your home.
Please contact Celia Hadaway for more information. or Skpye US #631-998-6106.

To all of the fathers, those who are like fathers to others, those
who support fathers etc.--Enjoy !!
On 6/19, Happy Father's Day!!!!Do something special!!!


To those celebrating birthdays, anniversaries etc. this month--have a good one.

To those facing health challenges we keep you in our prayers. May you soon be back to 100%.

Have a great Summer !!!
Thanks for all of your messages etc.
God bless.

"Introduction to Chemistry and the Environment" by Baldwin King (2002)

"Michael Manley & Democratic Socialism : Political Leadership and

Ideology in Jamaica" by Cheryl L. A. King (2003)

"Search for Identity : Essays on St. Vincent & the Grenadines" edited by:

Baldwin King, Kenneth John & Cheryl L. A. King (2006)

"Quest for Caribbean Unity : Beyond Colonialism" edited by:

Kenneth John, Baldwin King & Cheryl L. A. King (2006)

"Home Sweet Home : Musings on Hairoun" edited by:

Kenneth John, Baldwin King & Cheryl L. A. King (2007)

"Pioneers in Nation-Building in a Caribbean Mini-State"

by Sir Rupert John with a new foreword by Karl John

Published by KINGS-SVG (2009)

"Timescape and Other Caribbean Poems"

by Dr. Lance Bannister and Marcia Harold Hinds.

Published by KINGS-SVG (2009)

"Caribbean Trailblazers: St.Vincent and the Grenadines" edited by:

Baldwin King and Cheryl Phills King (2010)

"Spirit-Filled and Emancipated Living" by Laura Anthony Browne

Published by KINGS-SVG (2010)

For more information about the above contact:

Dr. Baldwin King at:

"The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest "

article entitled ""Manley, Michael (1924-1997)" by Cheryl L. A. King (2009)

Visit the Kings Website at:

Visit the Phills Website at:

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