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Planning For The Grenadines


Planning the Future of Marine Resources of the Grenadines:
Are you concerned about the future of the marine areas surrounding the Grenadine Islands?

The Sustainable Grenadines Inc. invites marine resource users (fishers, cruisers, dive shop operators, day tour operators, water taxi operators, ferries etc.) and other community members to take part in a series of community meetings about planning for long-term management of the marine and coastal resources of the Grenadine Islands.  The meetings are part of a project to develop a draft regional marine multi-use zoning plan that would incorporate a broad range of interests and management goals to promote sustainable development in the area.  The project spans from October 2010 to March 2012 and is funded by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP).

Informative community meetings are scheduled to take place from June 8-20th 2011 on every inhabited island of the Grenadines.  The meetings are a follow-up to the regional stakeholder visioning workshop that kicked off the project in Hillsborough, Carriacou during the end of January. These community meetings will involve: an introduction to the project; discussions of the project components; and initial discussions to obtain feedback on local priorities for the marine space and resources. All are welcome to attend and learn more about this important project.

The schedule for these community meetings begin at 6:00pm as follows:
June 8th  – Petite Martinique – PM School
June 9th – Carriacou, Harvey Vale – Lambi Queen
June 10th  – Carriacou, Hillsborough – Regatta Jupa
June 12th – Union Island, Ashton – Lassie’s
June 14th – Mayreau – Combination Café
June 16th – Canouan - Nasa’s
June 17th – Canouan, Friendship - Fishing Camp (2 pm)
June 17th – Bequia, Paget Farm – Step Down
June 19th – Bequia, Port Elizabeth - Movie City
June 20th – Mustique – Fishing Camp (2 pm) & Lisa’s Lovell Village
If you require additional information please contact Kim Baldwin ( or (784.454.0606), Valerie Francella ( or the SusGren Office (784.485.8779).

Kim Baldwin


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Maybe we now need to start looking at the issue of the Proposed World Heritage Listing?

Michael Jessamy

Greetings Michael,

Indeed the time to look at this would be now. I believe it will require a Ministerial interaction between the two countries. Most people associated with the Grenadines recognize the strength of the entire area as a mixed cultural and natural heritage site. Culturally, the pre-Columbian sites, well preserved African traditions, colonial forts, boatbuilding and sailing speak loudly. Then there is the huge diversity of marine habitats, indigenous dry forest, mangroves, wetlands, bird nesting, marine mammals, etc. Somehow an appreciation for potential of this entire package is not reaching the main island people, especially in SVG where those responsible seem to favour smaller sites in the Grenadines. They need to realize that while the Tobago Cays are indeed special, protected reef sites are quite numerous and that the reefs in the TCMP are getting worse every year. I was there last week with a field group and can attest to that from personal observation. I would recommend that someone on the Grenada side get the relevant Minister(s) to engage the relevant Minister(s) on the SVG side and see if they can get this to the next level.



Robin Mahon

Professor of Marine Affairs and Director

Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES)

University of the West Indies,
Cave Hill Campus

St. Michael, Barbados

Hi Michael,

I completely agree with Robin. Furthermore there are not many marine nor transboundary WHS listings -- I believe the Grenadines would be a strong candidate.
Also the group may be interested to know that I have a GIS / participatory mapping student coming July 8th from the States (Aly DeGraff) on a Compton Fellowship for a one year to build on the MarSIS with important terrestrial features (in terms of mapping cultural, historical and areas of importance for biodiversity) across the Grenadines. In my mind this is a information gap of MarSIS and by having this information included would further aid the designation!

I have attached a short proposal of her project for those who are interested.

Take care,

Kim Baldwin
PhD Candidate

Cave Hill Campus

246-417-4828 work 


These are some emails that came in while I was on my way to the US so we can see doctors. I think it might be a useful idea if those who read this blog, local or in the diaspora, write to any contacts in the government (or, if nobody else, Comrade Ralph) to say that it is important to find funds to preserve the environment particularly in hard economic times. These days, when the rich are getting richer, they need some projects that will soothe their consciences; and the rest of us have no spare money, but the unemployed have time to write to politicians and the politicians are more likely to read begging letters for environmental projects than requests for jobs they don't have to give.

What St. Vincent and the Grenadines has is the fact that we haven't yet spoiled our entire environment, and we have a chance to do some protecting before the economy recovers and the tourists come back. Write and let people know how you feel.


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