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CFL opens Save A Lot Food Stores in SVG

26th November 2011

Following the rebranding of two supermarkets in St. Vincent to Super J IGA stores in October, Consolidated Foods Limited is reporting a successful opening of yet another store in that OECS market. On November 21st the island’s Prime Minister Honourable Ralph E. Gonsalves and Deputy Governor General Dame Monica Dacon performed the ceremonial ribbon cutting honours which ushered in a multi-million dollar Save A Lot franchise in the downtown Kingstown area, operated by CFL (SVG) Ltd. 

Save A Lot stores are designed to help customers to live richer, fuller lives by saving them money and time through a compelling, convenient shopping experience featuring great food, great prices and great people, every day. The store format features a limited assortment of exclusive Save A Lot brands of high quality food and household items, alongside other national brands. The focus of this format is on delivering savings to customers through volume purchases.

CFL’s Chairman Michael Chastanet along with Directors Gordon Charles and Fere Delmas were in St. Vincent present for the opening. Addressing the gathering Mr. Chastanet’s said that CFL’s investment in St. Vincent is a reminder of what OECS economic integration can result in.

“As each individual economy in the OECS grows, the economy of the entire sub-region is strengthened, and the prospects for further growth, expansion, employment creation are enhanced” noted Mr. Chastanet. 

Speakers at the official ceremony acknowledged the sizeable investment of CFL in Saint Vincent and the confidence of Save A Lot in the company. This was attributed to the many successes and innovations of CFL in Saint Lucia and the company’s regional and international affiliations and purchasing power. 

Save A Lot is part of Supervalu, a Fortune 100 grocery company based in suburban Minneapolis.
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Added note:
I visited the Save-a-Lot store on friday morning and was favorably impressed. The former "Aunt Job" store in Arnos Vale didn't change much when CFL bought it, but the Save-A Lot store is very much changed from the Marketing Board store that was formerly in that location.

Save-a-Lot is something more than an ordinary supermarket but not quite one of the box-lot stores that sell wholesale sizes. My impression was that their unit prices are lower, but I haven't done any comparison shopping. I would suggest that they might want to do some educational advertising so that Vincentians get used to the concept of this kind of store.


I bought a package of Stouffer's garlic shrimp dinner, which Sally and I had for lunch. It wasn't too generous on the shrimp, but the sauce, vegetables and pasta were good. Reminded me of a meal I had in the Stouffer's restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio back in the early 1950s.

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