Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Second Failure of LIAT to get to Puerto Rico

LIAT had a protest sickout and that kept Sally from having her eye treated in Puerto Rico. This was our second try at getting to Puerto Rico, the first time we were abandoned in Saint Lucia. We'll try again and I'll explain in more detail. Here's one of the news stories.

Regional airline LIAT's pilots all called in sick yesterday, disrupting the carrier's flights across the Caribbean.

"As a result of the industrial action, all of the company's (yesterday) morning services have been disrupted. This is also likely to affect the rest of (yesterday's) flights," the airline said in a statement out of its St John's, Antigua corporate offices yesterday.

The pilots were said to be protesting the firing of LIAT pilot Capt Michael Blackburn.
LIAT announced his termination of employment on Monday on its website. The airline gave no reason for his dismissal. 

Customers affected by the flight disruptions yesterday will be allowed rebook without charge for one week from the date of their original scheduled travel, the airline said. St Vincent Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves urged the pilots to return to their jobs, saying their action could result in the airline losing "hundreds of thousands of dollars" in revenue. He said their action was "unfortunate". 
LIAT is owned by regional shareholders, with major shareholders being the governments of Barbados, Antigua & Barbuda and St Vincent & the Grenadines.
It operates to 21 destinations including Trinidad and Tobago.

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