Thursday, July 05, 2007

Middle Street West

Leaving the center along Bay Street west we pass other stores until we reach the first street to the right. We can turn under the arches along the newly built Ace Hardware whose architect paid tribute to the traditional Kingstown style.

We walk one block and turn left onto middle street. On the left we pass the Public Library. This will be housed in its own building in a few years. It has a contemporary engraving of a Brunias painting among other works of art.

Middle street west retains some examples of colonial era urban architecture, some worse for wear

After a block turn right to back street to view the major churches.

This is a typical style of an urban house. It has a store or warehouse on the ground floor with living quarters above it. The living quarters typically jut over the sidewalk and are supported by arches. The structure is clear in this example because it was mired in litigation and the termites ate all the wooden parts.